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Monday, May 2, 2011

...and the Million Dollar man showed up

with pesos!

Lucky Lounge ( ) on a Tuesday night and this place is fuckin jumpin jumpin jumpin! The Fremen with MC was a straight up TAKEOVER!

I am, to this day, pleasantly stunned that Lucky packs them in and has these live show as often as they do. People just love the Lounge! For a DJ I think this is top notch, grade A, late night chillin relaxin, dancin and groovin place. For live music the sound man for Lordship Ent. did a bang up job tonite. One of the best nights of live music sound I have experienced so far. To date I have not yet still been upstairs...ehhh fuckin whatever. all the action is down by the bar and in front of the stage anyway!

The Fremen ) came on stage hard and strong. This was without a doubt one of their most powerful sets to date. All of the comparisons to a Sunday morning hangover soundtrack where thrown out the window tonite. Funny thing about that is although they did the same songs (and I bragged to a friend about that Sunday morning sound), I didn't even recognize the set. It was strong, powerful, and completely in your ears, in your face and in your mind! The time is getting closer for that album to drop. Come get some while its hot and still free...may not be for much longer.

MC Overlord ). The website is only slightly deceiving as he is no longer a 10 Hip Hop Artist of The Year...but is in fact now a proud member of The Texas Music Hall of Fame inductee. So this night was the night of a million stars. The big guys first appearance as Overlord since the award and there was some serious fire power in the building tonite. Besides the AMAZING talent that was performing onstage, there were a multitude of other local and national people in the house. Many of these people have been a part of MC Overlord in one shape or form. Maybe not necessarily paying their respect, but for damn sure supporting the piece of Austin music history that he now is and will always be.

Oh yeah..guess I have to talk about the show (as if you don't know how it went or couldn't guess) if you haven't experienced this yet and been a part of this here ya go...

Besides the standard set list the they throw down, there were some new tunes in here which was absolutely AWESOME. MC Overlord NEVER fails to entertain the crowd and always takes it to the next level, and tonite was no exception. There were so many people that jumped up on the stage and made guest appearances it was like a late night live talk show with all the music and almost no talk. Now Overlord doesn't do a VH1 Storytellers, but he does share with the audience, which makes ever single performance absolutely worthwhile.

The guests tonite ran the spectrum from a guest appearance of his regular drummer to the incomparable Les Fisher ( ). Onstage with guest vocal appearances was a very RARE appearance by Mike Dill (been too long for that man) to a very special appearance by Phranchyze ( ) which I was absolutely blown away by with that lyrical masterpiece!


p.s. - The "million dollar man" as quoted by Les was none other than Matt Slagle on Bass for the evening with Overlord!