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Friday, May 27, 2011

Dharma drama

Lucky Lounge ) really is a great, late night, kick it, spot. The nice thing is that they do have somewhat of a regular schedule for some bands and DJ's. Find something or someone you like here and you can probably depend on them being back again at that time next week.

Vinyl Dharma ) is one of those bands. My introduction to them was from one of my friends, "You gotta go see these guys!" Isn't that how it always starts? As I have said before, sometimes just going into a bar or club on any given night will yield something fun, new and exciting. So here I went and here I go.

First of all, YOU, as a band member, musician, performer should ALWAYS,  A L W A Y S play for the audience. Enjoy what you do, have a good time, and think that there is someone in the audience who gives a shit about what they are hearing and be happy that they are not at home watching Jersey Shore! You never know if there is a producer, manager, promoter, guitarist, keyboardist, web designer, or music blog writer sitting there listening. On this night ALL OF THE ABOVE were in the audience.

Really, after a good solid 10 minutes of arpeggios warm up scales we were sorely aggravated. C'mon guys, The Music Lab is for fucking practice and rehearsals, not the bar when the doors are open and there are patrons in there! Our unnamed guitarist friend took it upon himself to go politely talk shit. With much distress from the big man in the group "Why did y'all let him go up there?", our boy came back, the band addressed the issue and began to play. WELL much to our surprise, these guys were good! They busted out with a cover song , played another song and off went our guitarist friend...mumbling to himself on his way back to the stage "these guys are good, now I have to go apologize."

HA! Vinyl Dharma is actually very good, nice to listen too, their demo CD was good, my daughter really liked it (ahhh the opinions of a 15 yr old!). Hopefully the lesson was learned and taken to heart, cause if I stop by on some Thursday night to for a drink and a listen, I will talk bigger shit!