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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It finally happened!

Look back and read any of my previous blogs about Bobby Bookout. My opinions and feelings about his performance and the feeling of the music should not require me to rinse and repeat! HOWEVER, now that I have had the opportunity to actually follow my own advice (look I tell ALL of you to go see any of these performers for all of the positive reasons I list - why should I have to do it myself!), It was AWESOME!

One2One ) is still a happenin place to be, AND with a new stage arrangement it is just getting better! The rooftop deck kicks ass, great place to hang out on these cool Austin nights and the general vibe from the place is fun (put a TV feed on the deck for the live show downstairs or for watching some football and I might never leave Gregg)!

Bobby Bookout ) has always entertained and been fun, but OMFG! It was really true. Take a date, go have dinner. There is nothing like that bluesy kind of groove that Bobby makes with his music. Cale (Bobby's guitarist) absolutely melted the panties with his licks (oh! pun intended!!!). It was described as, "His music is definitely panty droppin'! I absolutely loved it!"

You know there is really NOT a whole lot more to say about 'The Ultimate Date Music Band" than that! I couldn't have and wouldn't have said it any better myself. Thanks for a great night, thanks for the great music, and thanks for being a great for the rest of you, NO EXCUSES - JUST DO IT!