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Thursday, November 11, 2010

No trouble Brew(ing)

The Brew ) is a local band with all the the flavor of the world. With amazing Latin beats and sound there is no doubt you will want to groove to their rhythms when you make the opportunity to see them. If you check out their website you are bound to find a fine eating establishment that they will be playing at (be it The Oasis - where I saw them, or Maria Maria - )...bring your appetite for good food, your appetite to dance, and enjoy the evening.

With the amount of music they perform it is divided into two sets (and there is no right half and wrong half of the set to be in on), but make sure, whatever you do, is that you plan on making the entire performance. This is very important as their repertoire is amazing and so broad you WILL have a good time and definitely find something within the set that will drive you. My personal favorites are a couple of tunes by 'The Gypsy kings' and a little tune by this band called 'The Eagles' (yeah! THAT SONG).

I am sad to say that I missed out on cutting a rug that evening while listening to them AND made the mistake of leaving before the second set kicked in (all for good reason though). But their sound carried so well that a one hundred yards away and in a parking garage I could still hear them perfectly, NICE! So I still got to hear some of the favorites. Yes, I am owed another opportunity to see them, AND THIS TIME there will be dancing!

As for the rest of you, like I said in the beginning, what a really really nice way to spend the evening with new friends or old ones, on a date, or just a night out...this is great way to spend, start, or end a weekend!