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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Thursday night was Punk night

Another adventure, another club, a different part of town. It was totally awesome and kick ass to see members of some other, very well established bands hanging out, drinking some beer (and in Texas James' case) stirring up the crowd in front of the stage.

Club 1808 ) is located at the corner of 12th and Chicon. Once again, proof that is you wander off of your mainstream normal everyday path you will always find something new and exciting. From the cool ass doorman collecting the money and putting on the wristbands, to the VERY nice bartender/proprietor (Thanks Gene, you're a cool muthafucker) this place is pretty bad ass. It's split into three areas; the main entrance has pool tables, a small dance floor, and a decent seating area in the back by the bar. Out back there is a cool ass little backyard with a stage and plenty of room for QUITE a few people. Back inside and to the right of the front door is a lounge area with ANOTHER stage. This area is where the show was on this particular night. 3 Bands, no frills, just kick your fuckin teeth in music...p.s. - make sure you leave your blood on the floor!

Deadly Reign started things off in true Punk style, fuck the sound check, just play the damn music. Although the crowd was not that big, it still felt great. With the music loud enough to make yer ears bleed, this is what it's all about.

Anal Warhead ) and Civil Victim ) are from New York and Germany respectively,  and did a nice job keeping up the tempo and feel. It was good fun to see the lead guitarist for Anal Warhead was a chick. Nothing wrong with that and some damn good music out there to prove this, but it was still fuckin bad ass to see, hear, and experience that.

Civil Victim was great and loads of fun. The irreverence of the lead singer and their guitarist just played off each other and made Punk fun (really? fun?).

All said, it was a very badass night for punk music on the east side of Austin. The location and environment doubly led to that outlaw feel that so inhabits this genre of music. Get out, experience it, and bleed it!