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Sunday, September 19, 2010

An evening at the Inn (pt 2)

Ok, part to and now it is starting to drift off into the late afternoon. Up to go we have Aimless Gun, a small dinner break (damn good brisket by the way), then Michael Dillard, Fremen, and MC Overlord. But you know what, it was still hot as hell!

With a short break to set up, we now have Aimless Gun ( ) onstage. Billy had the raw pleasure of seeing and hearing Aimless Gun perform an acoustic set some days back. Now it was his turn to hear them in their full glory, plugged in and all.  I really like the energy that Aimless gun is starting to show onstage. Musically these guys are there. Lyrically you can start dedicating songs to girlfriends and creating ringtones. They really just have some good sounds that are so easy to just sing along with (very important for bringing in the audience, and making that gold record). The catalog of what Aimless does onstage is so very impressive and I have seen it and experienced it first hand, when are you going to? With the up tempo tunes and the sing-alongs, there isn't much that the audience just simply doesn't dig here and it is somehow breathtaking.

At this point in the evening there was a little dinner break. After a while Billy came back from the lake and to this day he wont stop talking about "swimming with The FreeFlow, diving off the dock with Aimless Gun, and kayaking with Michael Dillard!" Like I have said, Austin musicians are more than songwriters and performers, they are people and they are inspirations for this city!

Michael Dillard ( ) now had his turn to hop up onstage and melt away like everyone else. As the evening hours were creeping on and the sun was setting, Michael was still enjoying the heat. With the crowd actually growing larger, it was yet another set that had the crowd just being able to chill, enjoy some cold refreshments, and drift away with the music. Being joined onstage by William Harris of Fremen, MC Overlord and friend (Billy Tompkins), it was a perfect way to close to this set. I don't think there was really anything else that could have made the setting sun on the lake any more enjoyable than this set (besides some beautiful company I guess - mijita).

Fremen ( ) now had a very interesting spot in this day of music, they performed directly ahead of Overlord. What a great spot! Fresh from the studio with Ter'ell Shahid (Overlords amazing and soulful vocalist) these cats have some inspiration behind them to make this night kick off very tight and very right!. With the custom stage lights in place, thanks to Billy and Miles for the tree work, it was gonna be a hot set. The crowd really did swell at this point and it was right on the mark for all that we heard and experienced. To those who have missed out, don't worry, there will be more sightings of the Fremen and for those who haven't heard, the CD wont drop soon enough so go check this set out!

...and then there was one. Not just one, THE one. MC Overlord ( ) with all of his imposing stature and presence, completely launched the night into a whole new level. Under the stars and all fired up, this was truly a great way to be a part of that Overlord music. For a day that started out with gunshots (sure ask anyone that was there!) it definitely ended with an explosion. Michael Dillard joined the performance in the end and MC Overlord even had Billy back onstage again. I will tell you when this next album drops the future may not be able to contain him, so go be a part of it now!