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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

7 levels of Hell

The Broken Neck is just a warehouse. Plain and simple. A warehouse. Four walls, a front door, a back door, and a one holer. I am not bitchin or complaining, in fact it is just the opposite...I am praising the bad-assness of this place for any kind of show, Punk, metal, rap, doesn't matter. If it is purely about the music and the crowd, there is NO BETTER PLACE! Look, there's not really any stage lights to speak is just a stage in the back corner. No bar, no nothing to get in the way of you and the band and the music.

Till Death, Doom Siren, Anal Warhead, Civil Victim, Dissent, HellBastard, and KegCharge! Although the order the bands played in changed after the show started it was still some pretty damn powerful shit.

Till Death is a kick ass trio with the Bass player pulling vox as well. This was definitely a hella good way to open up the festivities for the night. This set got the crowd movin (and a nice sized crowd it was) for an early start time.

Doom Siren was another great band from 'Idontknowwherethehelltheirfrom'! Like the band before them, they just jumped up onstage, no frills, fancy lights or explosions, just knock your beer cup outta your hand kind of performance.

Anal Warhead broke out with the same set from the night before, but with a much larger and newer crowd. Still just good music. Great to see these kids from New York kicking it down here and making a go at it.

Dissent is from Houston and at this band definitely had a different sound. A little more hard edge, not so much punk, but still definitely awesome. My Son was with me for this gig and was out of breath after Dissent's set. "Oh my god, that shit was kick ass!" From the look of the rest of the crowd I would say so too.

Civil Victim I believe is from Germany. With a good humored lead singer and a guitarist who wasn't taking an "American Hippie" shit, I knew this would be a great set. UNFORTUNATELY, the lead guitarists rig was not wanting to co operate (probably all the "crappy American beer"). After a few minutes of fucking around with it, the guitarist from Dissent volunteered up his rig and away they went.

HellBastard was supposed to headline. These guys have been around for quite awhile and where here from the U.K. So as exciting as it was to see them live, it would've been better if they had their heads outta their asses, collectively. The real pisser is that the took FORFUCKINEVER to set up. The band that they replaced was already set up and ready to go. ANY WAY..when they finally did go on, it was good. Very good. Like Dissent, it was a different type of music than what we had heard from the previous bands, but rocked out very well.

Kegcharge stoned, sloppy ass drunk would be a nice way to put it, but you know what, after being there for almost 5 hours I think most everybody was. With the crowd seeming to thin, Kegcharge got on stage. Although there was definitely some issues with capability that late and that drunk, there was NO DOUBT that it was what EVERYONE was wanting ALL NIGHT LONG!!!!!!!!!

When they fired it up it went from no crowd to "where the hell did all these people come from?" The action on the floor in front of the band was absolutely heinous and non stop mayhem. For the entire set the bodies did not stop. Bruised and battered, my 19 yr old son left the floor and as we drove away from the 7 levels of Hell night...he simply said "wow! I think I broke my finger."