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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Blue Boy Inn

It was a very nice day at the lake. The Blue Boy Inn is a very cute, quaint cabin in Spicewood. Lovely accommodations, beautiful access to the lake, and a gorgeous yard and deck to enjoy a cool fall weekend in Texas (unfortunately, it is only in the mid to upper 80's during the fall with about 90% humidity on the lake). In the yard and by the dock it was very nice, but watching the bands on stage with no air circulating around them, they were melting. Nice thing was that the music was just as hot, so it was all good!

The list of bands was so hot and bad ass, I couldn't believe it. This next time this happens, I hope for more press and promotion, and for more folks and bands. It was great. To know what Austin musicians can do this is very inspiring. Wouldn't give credit to any other city in the world to have a musical community with such a powerful, smart, and moving presence than Austin.

The FreeFlow, Ryan Harkrider (acoustic), Derrick Davis (acoustic), Aimless Gun, *dinner break*, Michael Dillard, The Fremen, and MC Overlord.

Now what makes ALL of these performances very special was that my son, Billy, was with me to enjoy. I have only caught one performance of The FreeFlow previously, so this is good.  The acoustic performance by Ryan Harkrider is something that I have never seen before. Derrick Davis is some new sounds that I will relay to you. Aimless Gun, as you know, is a favorite, much like Michael Dillard. The Fremen have new life, as they have finally (with the production of Mr Ter'ell Shahid), put the tracks down for a much anticipated CD. MC Overlord, well this is the man who helped inspire me to start putting the music in print, so he will ALWAYS be my primo.

The social aspect of this day was very importan,t as you get these guys together to make a day out of it, the next thing you know, it's a full on 2 day benefit for whatever you could imagine. The FreeFlow ( ) started about 2:30. I really, REALLY love these guys. I think this is just good beer drinking (or maybe even a drink with an umbrella in it would be more appropriate) kind of music. You get to just kick back and listen. Without question they do the BEST Marley mix I have ever heard. To listen and look around at the audience, see and hear everybody singing along, it is nice to know these kids have the audience hooked. In my own humble opinion, I would love to hear that Marley tribute be just a little bit longer. NO! don't change up the songs, but ahhh it is so good to hear the way they lay it down and even better to feel it in the crowd. There is more to come from them and you should keep up via their Reverbnation page. GO! check them out, order something fun to drink and sing along, don't worry, everybody else will be too!

Ryan Harkrider ( ) strolled up onstage with just him and his guitar. Very excited to hear and see this new twist for Ryan. It was great. Ryan has absolutely learned the way to capture the crowd. The music and sound is catchy, fun, and poetic, but to be able to make the audience laugh and laugh at yourself all while bringing an amazing stable of tunes to the table, WOW! Ryan really does have a great rapport with the audience and it makes it so fun to be at one of his performances. As I am sitting there listening, my friend comments on how Ryan, Derrick, and Michael (and even Cody from Aimless Gun) have the potential to be the new, modern day Outlaws. Musically if you don't know what I am talking about that would be Willie, Waylon, Hank Jr, and D.A.C. Look them up! The ability to get up onstage, any of these three or four guys, on any night, in any line up order, as an acoustic set and completely stun the house. That is a good ticket! My smart ass remark to follow was simply this "You know what makes these acoustic performances so fun and special? It's when one of the other artists just jumps up onstage, and fills in a little guitar or vocals...just for the hell of it!" C'mon , if all these guys are good friends, it's never hard feelings or an ego when someone else jumps up onstage with you, it's just good fuckin fun for everyone!

Well lo and behold, with a whisper from Will Harris, Derrick Davis was all of a sudden onstage with Ryan. The chemistry was kick-ass. EVERYONE loved it, it was just really fun. Derrick dropped in for a couple of songs (check out the video from the second song here ). Ryan finished off the set be leaving the stage and streaking for the lake. OH! did I say streaking, YES! Off with the shirt, down the steps to the dock, off with the shorts, then it was in the air to the water and I do believe that the moon was out that afternoon!!!!

As Derrick Davis ( ) mounted the stage next his comment before beginning his set was "How do I top that?" "Just do you set naked onstage!" LOL! not today thank god! Just another stellar performance, god music and good fun. I loved sitting in my lounge chair, drinking a margarita, and chilling to Derricks jams. NOW what got me up outta my seat and got my blood pumping and had me singing along (rather loudly and probably quite obnoxiously) was his final tune and very nice rendition of "I Wanna Be Like You" from the children's favorite and Disney classic "Jungle Book"! What a GREAT way to end the set. Nope! no nudity or running for the lake, but special in its own way.

This has to be a two-parter. So be prepared!