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Friday, September 30, 2016

Solo show, good show

I was not sad to be hanging up in Pflugerville, Texas for an evening. My time here waiting for my wife let me chill at this cool little spot on the side of IH35 called Wagner's Backyard ( Super cool place with room indoors, outdoors, or out on the deck. Wagner's is not hard to find, but it is a little tricky. Located behind a small used care dealership and tucked away in the front corner of the theater parking lot is where they make their home.

The bar itself, on the inside, is the home to a lonely pool table, some hi-top tables, bench tables, and a decent size bar right in front of you on the back wall as you walk in. Wagner's also houses plenty of TV's to catch the game. As you step outside onto the very nice deck, you will find more seating as well as some more TV's. Down the steps you go and out into the yard.

As you go down the steps you can't help to notice the really big stage. This is pretty impressive for the location. The arrangement of the stage and the seating in the back yard is great. Plenty of picnic style seating, logs, stumps, benches all allow ample area to sit and enjoy the music. Of course you can't help but notice the sand volleyball court right there as well. I only question the actual square footage and the body's they can add if it wasn't there. But this is only weighing the ability to put more people back there for bigger acts. It is possible.

There is also a nice bar in the very back. It is stocked well and the bartending staff is killer. So here is where I planted my ass to enjoy the conversations around me and some good whiskey poured by my friend. It wasn't very long before for I was drawn to what was happening on the stage. A single figure, standing there and doing his damndest to entertain the early Saturday crowd.

I try to write about the crowds reaction to a performance, but Jacob Essary ( was on early and there were distractions in the yard. Not me! I was captivated. Jacob was doing his covers of country favorites, old, new, and some a little off the beaten path. He even casually was tossing in some of his originals. He was great. For one man and his guitar he was holding my attention well.

As the sun went down, the evening grew longer, my wife dropped in. As soon as she got her drink she asked me "Who's this guy?" She was intrigued and entertained. She is the country music fan more than I, and she had high praise. "Oh my God! He is so much fun." It wasn't to long after that when I noticed that Jacob had taken on the crowd. All though the applause grew after each song, it was not too long before it was over.

Look Jacob up. Check him out for a happy hour show. Hell!, we might even get lucky and get to see him down in way south Austin for later evening performance. This was good stuff. I am happy Jacob Essary took some time away from me and left me with an impression.