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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Two guys and a guitar

It's been a while, but I feel like I have some performance reviews to share with you.

On the request of a friend, I went to a local sports bar called Doc's Backyard ( It is a nice sports bar with seating inside and out, and of course plenty of televisions. The food is good and the prices are to be expected for a sports bar, but the food is very good! Outside, the seating is mainly near the bar. However there are some tables farther away from the bar, near the very large playground. That's right! Bring your pets AND your kids. Watch the game, have some good eats, and let the kids run, play, and wear themselves out.

In a small area, just between the table seating in the bar area and the table seating by the playground, is stage. Quite unassuming, if no one is up there using it, but perfectly placed if there is entertainment.

This particular early evening was Aric Garcia and Issac Routh. Two of the four members of a local band the Warplanes ( Doing a little set with Isaac on guitar and lead vocals and Aric on percussion, harmony vocals, and working the board. These two guys filled the air with fun and great sounds.

Even though a large part of the crowd dancing and having a great time were under 4ft tall, there was no doubt the great tunes and harmonies from these two guys and a guitar were resonating through everyone listening. Aric and Isaac rolled through many familar songs with their own slight twist and flavor. and the originals were as electric as you can get without the full band experience.

Aside from all of the love the kids gave Aric and Isaac, this was not a kids show. It was just the perfect music for a beautiful Friday evening during Happy Hour! No questions about it. Look these guys up on Facebook or under the whole bands name, The Warplanes. Seek them out and find them around the town. GO see some GREAT, inspiring, live and local music. Without a doubt I will make a point of finding them doing this type of set up again and I hope to enjoy it with you. I plan on sharing it with my wife and my dad next chance I get.

For a small taste check out this small clip of Aric and Isaac doing a mind, blowing and stunning acoustic version of Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd.