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Thursday, September 22, 2016

no need to start a war

This is part of the thrill I have about the music scene in Austin, sharing it with someone. My wife joined me this evening for a great double bill. After checking out the first band for the evening we took a 45 minute drive and headed BACK into Austin for some super bad ass late night sounds.

The venue is the One2One ( Built for sound, built for the show. The One2One is the premier small venue in Austin. Located just 3 minutes from the electricity of the downtown entertainment district, The One2One is located on S. Lamar in an unassuming little strip mall. But boy is this place anything BUT unassuming. Owners Gregg and Destinee Ware have built what many local musicians praise as the legacy to The Austin music scene of old (think Steamboat - if you don't know you don't get it don't worry about it). Just pick any night and you are sure to be thrilled by a performance and the great sound.

I didn't just randomly pick this night. Oh No! After seeing two of this bands members do a small acoustic set, I knew I had to check out the whole package. And not only am I happy I had the opportunity, but doubly thrilled my wife could join me. The band…ahhh well they are The Warplanes (

Walking in the doors of the One2One at midnight and being happy the band hasn’t started might seem like an oddity to you, but you are just going to have to come to Austin and see what this is about.

The Warplanes dove onto the stage minutes after midnight. The music is ridiculously hard to pigeon hole, much like many other bands in town. If you are not straight up country or rock/metal or rap then you have that “Austin Sound”. The Warplanes embodied this with the group of guys on stage. A lead guitar, an acoustic guitar wielding lead singer, a keyboard/rhythm guitarist, bass, and drums. It wasn’t quite country, it had a kind of rock edge to it, sweet harmonies, and a front man with attitude. Yes Sir! The Warplanes are pure Austin.

They were exciting to watch. They were fun to listen to. The crowd was entertained and fixated, and the crowd stayed for the whole show - a super hard thing to do for a band playing that midnight slot. The Warplanes had all of us dancing at one point. On command the lead singer had us clapping along. The lead singer was playing to the crowd and enjoying it like a little kid on Christmas...all smiles. He was climbing on the drum riser, jumping, and singing. It was amazing fun for a late night out.

With my wife, with some friends, with family, or solo, I will attend a Warplanes show any chance I get. Guess you should too. Look them up.