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Tuesday, September 13, 2016


I received a call to check out several bands down at The Lucky Lounge ( on 5th St in Austin, Tx.

The Lucky Lounge is a shotgun type of set up. When you enter the club street side you are in a very small lounge. Tonight it was the pre staging area for band equipment due to the number of bands performing. Once you step in from the entry way you are looking down a long hallway and see the stage at the opposite end of the club. As you walk down the hallway the bathrooms are to the right and the stairs to go up to the VIP are on your left.

Once you walked down the hallway the club itself opens into a slightly wider version of the hallway. Hi-top tables along the wall to your left the bar on the right and a raised viewing area above the bar, against the right wall.

This particular event was an all ages show and the venue had a very decent crowd. The crowd was definitively mixed from the under age to the older parents of those, and all ages in between. Everyone was smiling talking and enjoying the music. Down in front of the stage though, that is where the fun was.

Although I was running a little late I still caught the last 3 songs of the first band up, Gold Steps  ( Fronted by female vocals, this band unquestionable had that Pop-Punk sound. It was fun, energetic and the crowd was enjoying it. Although there was no stage diving or mosh pit happening, Gold Steps had the attention of everyone, including myself. Gold Steps hails from Austin, Tx and most definitely is a good band to check out if you get a chance. With that comfortable sound that seems familiar, Gold Steps will have no problem with pulling a crowd soon enough.

Next up was Forever Starts Today ( I love their name and if you are familiar with lots of the Scream-O, Pop-Punk bands you can appreciate this name as being pretty kick ass. The nice thing is that FST has the talent and sound to back up the name. FST is fronted be female vocals. This young woman was very energetic and had the crowd wound up by the second song. The crowd was jumping along and following the lead singers every breath and word. FST was some pretty powerful stuff. With a brief, emotional moment from the lead singer dedicating the show to a recently passed fan, it seemed very evident this young front woman can control a crowd.

This next band is/was the reason I love going out to check out live music in Austin. Something new and exciting. A band or a performance that provides you that "Holy Shit!" moment. Chernobyl, The Secret ( The whole performance, from start to finish was just pure bad ass. The lead singer was just energy. Living the music, being the music, performing the music, energy. The audience new it and felt it. That pent up rage just exploding throughout the crowd. Chernobyl the Secret was just adrenaline fueled mayhem and everyone was in on it. The photos here and what the band have are just lucky shots between me getting pummeled and trying to save my camera. Didn't matter though, I loved Chernobyl the Secret  just as much as the crowd did.

Drown The Coward ( mounted the stage next and just kept the crowd going. Their sound wasn't as dark as the previous band, but Drown the Coward was just as hard hitting. Drown the Coward had another front man who was a beast with the vocals. The performance was just the perfect amount of creative rage and energy to keep the crowd pulsing around and forming another circle pit in the small space.

From Temple, Texas came Isonomist ( Supporting their recently released CD, these guys were just a little different sound of crazy then the previous two bands. Isonomist was very technical and had what seemed to be a tuned down sound. The front man towered over the crowd with command and the band roared through their set. Realizing how good this set was made me wonder how much more the crowd could take. Isonomist just plowed through their set and with the vocals and guitars, and just pounded the shit out of the crowd... it was accepted with sweaty, smiling faces.

And then there was the king, Call Me King ( The final band of the evening. Hailing all the was from Austin. They proudly announced to the crowd this was the last home show as they were about to hit the road on tour. Well, if I thought everyone was wore out, Call Me King fueled the crowd with their announcement and then lit the match. Everybody was jumping on command of the lead singer.

With the most surprising vocal harmonies of the evening, I hope this part of this Call Me King's performance didn't escape the notice of the young crowd. Call Me King was the most electric performance of the evening. It was the fill between fun and energetic, and fast and crazy. Call Me King was in the right spot to end the evening.