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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Happy for the tears

Of most any place for someone to choose to have a show in Austin, the One2One should be top of the list. To have a goodbye show...definitely. Unfortunately I have been to two to many.

As usual I will start with a description of the venue. It is all about the stage and the sound at the One2One ( You walk in the door and BAM there it your face. The sound is amazing, bar service is great, bathrooms, seating, and good times. Look, for sound this is one of only a very few places in Austin that cater to the local musicians and the local crowds with a top of the line sound system.  Go to their page and check it out for yourself. Pick a night and a band and GO!

Although this was a BonVoyage/Farewell show for one Jack Burton Trio (, it is not a pointless review. No, this is to tell you of the joys of good music, and the inevitable return of the white James Brown! Jack and his family are going off on a sabbatical to connect and enjoy his family, experience something new, and see the world. Something we should all look up to and aspire to want to do for ourselves. 

But the music. It is here to stay forever. It lives in our ears, in our souls, our memories, and not soon enough...on DVD. The Jack Burton Trio does funk link few others. Their spin on funk, Motown, and R&B is smile inducing, and feet moving. The band proved it, not just on this evening, but the last time I saw them. The show was changed up a bit and this is what made seeing it again great. Beyond this, I had the pleasure of sharing the event with my daughter, Angelina. We have not shot a show together in way to many years. To see her smiling and grooving to The Jack Burton Trio's music was uplifting. Music does heal the soul!

The crowd was thrilled at the performance, Jack did not ham it up, he played for the crowd, he played for the joy of the music, and  played for the love of it all. THIS is what you can expect and will get at a Jack Burton Trio show. Let the world have him on borrowed time, we know he will come home and he will entertain greater than what I write about now.

In the end, Jack sad his good byes to the crowd and took time for every single person that wanted to say goodbye. He and his wife greated and hugged everyone. It was such a joy to see so many people crying and saying their temporary goodbyes. This simply means that the Jack Burton, his beautiful wife, and amazing family will be missed. They made an impact. 

And that, my friends, is a reason to be happy for the tears.

Jack....we will see you soon.