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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Is this your 'Wake Up Call'

I have only done a couple of album reviews. Primarily because I don't do album reviews. But when it is something exciting and the album turns out to be beyond expectations and greater than the sum of all its parts...yes I will tell you about it.

Michael Dillard Band's - Wake Up Call  ( could be referred to as a breakthrough album. It's luscious melodies, powerful riffs, and haunting melodies, make it a beautiful walk on air.

I won't break down the entire album, that is for you to do and enjoy, but there were some things that struck me in which I have to share. My highlights that I want you to know about. Piece together the story and movie in your head when you listen to it, but let some of what I say guide you.

The whole album plays like a movie. Some lost soul little boy, young and trying to find his way. His innocence shattered and the reality of adulthood brings the light. Not necessarily happiness, but enlightenment.

Unexpected! The greatest way to describe the opening track - Blind lead the blind. Never, ever would I have expected the sounds that came from my speakers. The string arrangement was as I described - luscious. Then voice of Michael Dillard has progressed and as you hear it on this first track, it provides just a little growl with his passion. Then the chorus vocals kick in - haunting. Definitely an impressive opening to the album.

This theme and sound runs into the second track - Sunrise. An instrumental of sorts. As interesting as it is, I can see where the band may have had difficulty deciding which track to the open with, Ultimately after listening and re listening, they did good.

By no small margin, the third track (and title track) - Wake up call, is explosive. It is a powerful piece, that ebbs and flows through you mind. Take your your time and ponder what the lyrics of Wake up call means to you.

The fun and technically brilliance continues with the masterful drum tracks, a ukulele, stings, and keyboard arrangements. The next couple of tracks hold their own with unique sounds and catchy riffs. Post productions with the vocals is just mind blowing.

The whole album does move like the tides sweetly from the slower darker tracks in the middle of the album to the bright and shiny Desert Rose and finally ending with the crescendo of The Beast. With its echoing and strange story telling with the lone trumpet....fade to black.