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Thursday, May 16, 2013

#GetWrecked - a seedy release party

It was a seedy! Okay, it really wasn't that seedy, it was more like a CD Release party! and another damn fine event held by my friends at the One 2 One ( on S. Lamar.

The Cody Bryan Band ( have broken out with their debut CD in great fashion. A Twitter campaign (@codybryanband, #getwrecked, #wreckme), a Facebook contest to create the 'WRECK ME' adult beverage starring their own sponsor Dripping Springs Vodka (, the winner was Dripping Springs vodka and grapefruit juice - YES that shit will get you wrecked for damn sure, and even an appearance on the local television morning show Good Day Austin ( All in all I would say it was a great night, great fun, and a great album!

The blog about this performance is going to be wrapped up in this story as I go along, so enjoy the tale of "#GetWrecked".

I posted a blog write up a short time ago about the Kenny Chesney show for the debut of the Austin360 Amphitheater (, what  I didn't talk about (and owe a write up for) is the after hours experience. The Cody Bryan Band was performing at The Saxon Pub at 11 pm that same evening. Not knowing what time the Chesney show would end and more importantly could we make the drive and make it worthwhile? Yes, Yes, YES!!! Out of the A360 Theater we flew and to S Lamar we went. Walking in the door and chatting with the doorman for a hot second and there we were. With only a song or two into their set, we proceeded to enjoy.

Here is where the #GetWrecked part comes in...

So, some beverages at the A360 Amphitheater and then a few more at Saxon, I had to make the trip to the men's room. To the back I go, OH WATCH OUT! THERE ARE STAIRS! Yeah, I know this, but my feet decided "Ehhh, what the fuck! We are just gonna skip that step right there. YEAH , that one!" I missed the step and down I went...the wreckage to my right knee will live on the Internet forever here ( I posted that on Tumblr and then Tweeted the band with the hashtag #GetWrecked...Taaaa Daaaa! there it is. With the debut album called 'Wreck Me' and the fun at their sneak performance at the Saxon.... it was inevitable, it was funny, and most importantly it fits and makes sense.

Moving forward to the CD release party at One2One. Definitely a favorite place of mine. Easy to get to, whether it is your starting point for an evening or the stopping point. There is ALWAYS great music, low cover charge (it's for the bands so don't bitch), and the staff is wonderful to deal with. Tonite we (two)stepped  in the door to catch the tail end of Moonlight Social ( I wrote about them ( from August of 2011. That's right, damn near 2 years ago! Although it was somewhat a fluffy write up, the statements I made are true and have happened. The band has grown up on the road quite a bit. Polished up the sound and really can turn the crowd now. It was wonderful. The music and lyrics are paired wonderfully. The chemistry is stunning, the band enjoys being on stage for a crowd,  and this evening there was a great crowd to appreciate their appearance. With a really good video under their belt and a cool debut album, Moonlight Social is in a great position to move up, on, and forward.

Cody Bryan Band took the stage after a short intro from longtime friend of Cody Bryan, AJ. The band took their turn in the spotlight. No, this is obviously not their first performance, but lets just say it was their birth. All of the other performances were the sonogram pictures leading up to this moment. I posted a ridiculously long comment on their FB page after this debut show and will repeat some of that now.

The journey for Cody Bryan Band has been just that, a journey. In fact, as I mentioned, it has started with this night. The original incarnation was Aimless Gun. With an EP release February 13, 2010 at One2One on 5th St and then a full length album there after. Aimless Gun was a rocking band. HOWEVER, from the first time I heard them, the live performance that ASkye wrote a blog about ( - you really have to reread this one..I am is an awesome write up!) July 2010, to the release of the Aimless Gun full length album. Everyone I talked to asked "Are they country?" "NO!" was always the definitive answer. The truth now comes out, although Aimless Gun was a rockin band, it had the spirit of country music and somehow we all knew.

With the announcement that the name would change, the addition of keys (Cole Gramling),  and a new album would follow of...GASP! music. It was inevitable and now it is fun. One of the most fun and entertaining nights in quite a while. With Ms Cruz snapping the pictures, it was easy for me to watch the crowd have every bit a good time as I. It was a packed house, hard to move around in, but damn if they weren't dancing down in front. AND Yes, I enjoyed a spin with my girlfriend.

I love it when a band does their thing onstage and are joined during the set by a special guest. For all in the audience, it was the beautiful vocals and beautiful looking Jennica Scott from Moonlight Social, joining the band on stage for a tune or two. WOW! Not only has the Cody Bryan Band really learned from all of their performances, grown from the experiences over the last few years, and polished the sound to diamond like qualities, but with the addition of female vocals...MAN THIS IS SO PERFECT! I am glad that she joined them onstage. From a fan perspective I am saying we (I) want more of that on a regular basis. Take some of those old Aimless songs, re-tool them, add some female vocals, and work them in! As a friend of the band...add some female vocals in and work it into the show! For me it is all about the live performance, and that would be fantastic.

For the CD 'Wreck Me' (Amazon, iTunes, and Waterloo Records), do yourself a favor, go pick up your copy. Listen to it, enjoy it, and I dare you to single out 1 song as your favorite...not gonna happen! As I listen to it on repeat, I am trying to figure out which song is going to be their first hit single. Will it be the title track 'Wreck Me', the wedding song 'When we were made', or the weekend anthem 'That's why God made Saturday night'? Take your turn, enjoy the tunes and cast your vote for favorite on the Cody Bryan Band FB page.


all photos by Mariza Cruz