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Thursday, May 23, 2013

She IS Swift

The night that thousands of adoring fans have been waiting for. Not just for the return of Taylor Swift, but Taylor Swift bringing her Red Tour to The Frank Erwin Center in Austin, Texas!

In not so much a dramatic fashion as it was a stunning entrance, Taylor Swift (  had the screens raised and there she was. Silhouetted behind a giant red curtain. The roar of the crowd was deafening, as the fans screamed in jubilation for the start of a pretty damn amazing performance. Taylor Swift sang the opening bars of her first song in elegant shadow form from behind the curtain, then it dropped, and there she was. Singing, smiling, and waving to her adoring fans. I smile as I write this because it WAS really a stunning entrance. The fans knew it, and Taylor knew it as she slowly walked down the stairs to the main stage.

Walking to the end of the catwalk of her enormous stage, Ms Swift (followed by the rest of her entertainers) filed out onto the wings of the stage and catwalk, to officially welcome Austin to The Red Tour.

Taylor then proceeded to her second song and continued to rock The Frank Erwin Center ( Taylor Swift leaves little doubt in the mind of this reviewer that she has mastered the art of the dual genre. Parlaying her country roots into #1 Pop tunes is genius. She leaves no question in the minds, hearts, and souls of the thousands in attendance this particular evening that Taylor Swift is the face and sound of the new generation of Pop/Country royalty.

The opening acts in Austin were Florida Georgia Line (, an group that shines up that new rock, country, pop sound and plays well for the huge attendance of young adoring fans.

Also joining Ms Taylor Swift for this tour is Ed Sheeran ( This young man also had the crowd going, but I question if they really understand his musical genius and amazing creativity. Although the looping of tracks has been made famous by DJ's the world over, Ed Sheeran took it to a pretty outstanding level. Being a wonderful MC, he was able to manipulate the audience to participate as part of the loop making it a fantastic experience.

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