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Monday, May 6, 2013

another oldie, but goodie

from April of 2009...

funny thing is I don't see that I have evolved too much...just a little, maybe.

SubjectMC Overlord record release party

WOW, so here I am two days later, lets talk.  The Party for overlord was another awesome show. I had the pleasure of introducing new peoples to Ovey, his music, and his live show. A couple of coworkers had fun (of course) and even my nephew, who drove 3 hrs from Corpus Christi, had to be at the record release party. He has been waiting 2 yrs to get into an Overlord show (since the last time we saw Ovey through the window of another club on 07/04/2007).

DJ Abe the Assassin was in the house and he was very impressive (like anyone who knows him would be surprised at his skills).

Ryan Harkrider was the first musical performance of the evening. Now Ryan even acknowledged that his skills as a rapper were not up to par with Ovey (jk- totally different stylings altogether), but DAMN dude, you definitely have some serious song writing skills. Ryans female vocal accompaniment was also amazing. Her vocal fill was just wonderful and perfect for Ryan's set. I was dissapointed that my daughter was not with me to see Ryan because I have no doubt she would've been busting my chops to meet Ryan and get a CD. Ryan did advise me that he is working on getting a CD out in May, I believe?

OH Wait! MC Overlord performed also. The opening was the presentation of Ovey's new video. Ovey gave a brief explanation and props to the director and Mike Dill (who was also in the house).

-The Video- Yo, I gots to have this for my collection. This was great! It was so efffing hilarious and a great view of 'A day in the life of...'. The actual videography was really good to. Fantastic use of the split screen at the beginning.

-The Show- Well I am soooooo so so pissed off at myself. I don't ever have a problem recording the show with my litlle digital camera (just to document it, that's why!). I didn't think about it this time and didn't bother with it....WHAT A DUMB ASS!! Overlord opened the show with Jay Z "99 Problems". I am a fan of Jay Z, have the song on CD and MP3. Jay Z has never done this song this bad ass! Made the whole damn night worth it! What else can I say about the rest of the show, you should've been there. If you were, you know what I mean.

Thanks for Another great show. Looking forward to regular Thursday gigs at The Dirty Dog!!!

Peace, Love, and all that Overlord music
Spineless Willy  a.k.a. - Big Willy Styles 
Profile ImageMC Overlord
Glad you were there brother!! Meant the world to me...And special props to your nephew for the 2 yr. wait...Hope it was worth it!