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Saturday, May 18, 2013


*no photos because we were video taping this evening

The Music Alive Weekend at the Dirty Dog was not only filled with good music...but there is a really cool video interview coming out of that as well. Angel Skye developed some really deep questions for fans of Drastik IV as well as the band and we caught those questions on video.. I am currently working on the final edit and will insert the link on this write up when done as well as blow it out through YouTube, Facebook, and Tumblr.

The Dirty Dog ( is still my favorite place in the heart of the Austin, Texas down town music entertainment district. Located right on 6th St in the middle of all that is good and evil, LOL!

First band up this evening was The Taking ( from San Antonio. Angel and myself were both very impressed by the sound of the band. It was what you wanted to go see if you were going to see a metal band. Although the crowd hadn't filtered in yet, we still made it a point to let the band know we liked their stuff in between every song. As I said, the music was a modern metal, screamo style...but without the gutturals. As a fan of music and live performances I can say that Angel and I kept waiting for the second vocals to kick in, sadly no. The lead singer did a good job, but there were some points were I cringed a slight bit. It was live and that is what you have to love about a live performance. I would guess these guys are fairly new and can see that more time gigging in front of the crowd and doing more shows will tighten this group up. Towards the end of the set the lead singer definitely loosened up or became more comfortable on the stage and was definitely killing it by the end. I will also say it is a great thing when the band gets off stage and makes the rounds through the crowd, thanking people for being there and enjoying it. We enjoyed it, and we appreciated the acknowledgment. Can't wait to see what they drop for an album and hope they cruise through Austin again. We will be there!

Waterparks ( sorry guys. Due to a camera malfunction and a 45 minute walk to the car for the back up, we missed your set. BUT, Angel Skye picked up a copy of your disc and loves it. I was totally blown away and didn't expect the cool shit I heard on the way home that night. Sad, so sad, that we missed the performance even more after hearing the disc. Please let me know when you are gonna be Austin ways again. We would love to come see you and do a review of the performance, and try to bring a crowd with us as well.

Cosmic Wolf ( is from here in Austin. This was as diverse a metal band as you can get. With a freaky, amazing lead guitarist from Las Vegas (score!) and a charismatic lead singer, the combination was stunning. Kicking in some really heavy, bluesy type songs and jamming some great rock in your ear drums throughout Cosmic Wolf is not way out there, but they are pretty damn deep! I was really shocked at the length of their set and how well it was put together. From the jump off to the last licks, these guys have their set list designed to keep you in the music the whole time. Great stuff, look forward to catching these guys as I hope they rock Austin frequently.

Okay, now for the elephant in the room! Yes, Drastik IV ( took the stage in support of their debut album 'Wrath of the Underdog'. It is a great album available at all of you major online music ports, so get it! I really love seeing this band, as the front man is in your face and all about the performance the whole time. He  makes a show of it for damn sure. These are some guys that you expect and would love to see on the Warped tour or even better, The MAYHEM FESTIVAL. Lets hope this happens. They cross the lyrical styling of...say...Rage...with their own blend of metal and really cool fucking vocal themes. The drummer is the most charismatic and animated drummer since Tommy Lee and dare I say, reasonably much better! The bass and lead guitarist are not to be left out as they are in constant motion throughout the bands performance. Look, it is simply like this, when you have a group of guys that love what they do, and love doing it in front of a crowd, it infects you, draws you in, and leaves you exhausted and happy you were there in the end.