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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Two for One2One

It seems like the bar was gone too long, but then you walk in and realize you are home! The Grand re- opening of the One2One was a wonderful event! I was there on Wednesday for the soft (or quiet) grand opening and then again on Friday for the real deal. So I will lay upon you fine readers two perspectives of the club.

One2One ( looks good inside and out. Plenty of FREE parking, well lit, easy access from just about any where. Just a quick minute to downtown if you so choose, as well as some decent eats close by. Inside through the double doors and it opens into a giant room! Bar on the right stretching the entire length of the seating area. The decor is simple and nice. Functional art on the wall created by staff and some cool photos. The stage is a monster set up straight ahead of you when you walk in. Large enough to fit even the biggest ensembles. I can say the stage was put to the test on this particular weekend with the likes of  DaHeBeGeBees, Mingo Fishtrap, and MC Overlord. Bathrooms are to the left and right of the stage, and it was very funny to see women continually trying to go into the men's because they didn't know.

Seating is limited, but available if you get to your favorites bands show early. Although, if it is your favorite band, then why the hell would you sit down. This is also the thoughts of the staff and the feeling of most of the bands.

Speaking of the staff...Gregg and Destinee have managed to hang onto their amazing staff of people during the transition and move from the old location to this new beautiful one. They are attentive and pretty quick. Even if there is a delay, they do a good job of eye contact and letting you know. On the floor the service is just as good if you are lucky enough to get a table. Always with a smile, I really love it!

So here is the two for one part. I was there on Wednesday. The Agitators and Karl Morgan, was I lucky to see them. I am EXTREMELY happy they gave it a couple of days with music playing before hitting it hard on the official opening day. The first day the sound was really tough, very tinny and bouncing everywhere, BUT was dramatically different when I was there two days later for the real deal. Stunning how 2 days of performances and some strategically hung curtains made such a dramatic difference. This goes a long way into showing the professionalism of Gregg, the owner, knew there would be hiccups and did everything right to ensure that it was gold on Friday.

For anyone reading this that wasn't there or hasn't gone yet, take my word Dammit! This is a destination for live music in Austin (pun intended). Even the God father of all that is good in Austin music and clubs, Danny Crooks (, came in!

The Agitators ( were the inaugural act. Bring a pretty decent sized crowd with them, I think any place in Austin would love to have these guys come in with all of their cheerleaders. The sound is just right for the clubs, fun, energetic, and a nice mix of originals and covers. The Agitators kept the attention of everyone while they were onstage.

Karl Morgan ( took the stage with his 3 piece next. Absolutely one of the most under rated and flawless guitarists in Austin. In a city so storied in guitar legends and so saturated with talent, that is saying a lot. The thing about Karl is that he makes it look easy, just simply bad assness in an unassuming wrapper. He gets on stage and doesn't even seem like he breaks a sweat. The music is mainly originals and Karl's voice is definitely different than expected when he sings. Although, as a whole,  the band isn't something that makes you get out of your seat and get all excited. It is just Karl's unassuming self that makes you forget about everything and stare...saying to yourself...'Fuckn-A, that guy is the shit!' For any takers, I believe Karl has a regular residency here at the One2One, so take time out and hit up the web to confirm.

SO, Friday night comes, I have two stops to make with the first being here, of course. Unfortunately for me I was only able to stay long enough to see DaHeBeGeBees and miss out on Mingo Fishtrap. Don't EVER let that be your mistake! Grand opening night and WHAT A DIFFERENCE! The sound was just kick ass and spot on. It really is now a premier place to catch some quality music in Austin!

 DaHeBeGeBees ( were in full accompaniment this evening.  I have seen them recently and they were missing a few parts to the ensemble, and what a difference that makes. The sound is hard to describe although I think they put the fun in funk. The horn section is just spot on for the sound, the duel vocals are definitely an integral part, and lastly a rhythm section that just bounces you on the floor. They make you dance and groove no matter what!. [] to see a song from that grand opening performance. Make your decision and then make tracks.

Like all Austin music be prepared to go to a show and watch who you are rubbing elbows with at the club or bar. Austin musicians vigorously support each other and attend each others shoes. Make it a point to go out and do it, Support live local music in Austin and patronize the One2One.