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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Free Wormz are good wormz

Here is proof that the diversity of Austin live music and entertainment is the tops and just can't be beat anywhere else in the world!

To go from a venue 5 minutes (or less) away that has a rhythm and blues sound to the heart of the downtown entertainment district and a venue that is balls out crazy with "your favorite rock bands rock band" is proof of that first statement. NO WHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD!!! Austin should be and always remain the center of the music universe!

I have talked about The Dirty Dog ( ) before (see any number of my previous posts for just about every band) so I will keep it short. The Dirty Dog is right in the heart of the 6th St entertainment area. Surrounded by several other notable (but I won't mention here) bars and venues, it has the ease of access and nice street side seating and windows to crowd watch while waiting for your band to get it on. Along with street side seating is a pole...yes a pole as in pole dancing. Although I have never been to an event here where the pole was used by someone who knew what they were doing, it is awesome to watch women and men try to wrangle the pole. The bar is a 'U' shape to the left of the entrancethat services folks all the way around the perimeter. The bar opens up to a rather large floor and large stage with a nice lighting and sound system. Finally to the back of the club sits another bar along the right hand wall and the 'green' room beyond that.

The Dirty Wormz  ( ) pay much respect, love and the hate that hate made right back to the Austin crowd that has welcomed the Wormz and let them call Austin home for more than a decade. The sadness is that no major label has stepped up and put up the 1...2...$3 Million dollars to let the Wormz spread the Infektion and make the 'Outbreak' go nationwide/worldwide. It would be beautiful. With the release of the Dirty Wormz newest lp "Outbreak" they have re established that they are still the hardest ever at what they do and the funny thing is they never went away to have to prove anything.

The Wormz play often enough around Texas that you should be able to catch them quite frequently, although in Austin they average out to be here once per quarter....ehhh. With side projects occupying front man Smackolas time, it is often a wonder that this band takes the stage and puts on a performance to a local crowd (sometimes for free) that rivals any show that I have seen from a hard core, rap, metal, band at the Erwin Center or the ATT Center E V E R!!! Just the showmanship and co ordination of the everything involved with the performance makes this band a must see. Even if you are not fond of their music, the show is, to me, what it is all about and why you go out and see a band. Play the music loud at home or in your car, but go out to be part of the music and with The Dirty will be part of you forever.