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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sunday is a Funday

Icenhauers ( is finally getting some well needed company down on Rainey street. It is as simple as this, the more places there are to visit, the more people. The more people means more visitors to your bar, and visit this one you should. Everyone is pretty much keeping the houses they renovate very similar to its original residence, however it's the extras that make Icenhauers a true gem to visit.

Outside is pretty unassuming as you walk up, and the owners have taken great pride to maintain that. When you walk in , you would be damned if it didn't remind you of some family members house where you visited when you were little (except for the giant bar in the back room.) Step outside and this is every body's dream that likes to socialize and have friends and neighbors over. A big covered patio with a TV, ample seating, a fire pit, and a really nice nook to have a band perform.

And perform they do. The Good Nights ( ) were doing the Sunday Funday. With free chicken and waffles and some great music, you can never go wrong. NOW although I generally don't care for cover bands, this was really fun. These guys turn it up and turn on the crowd. With plenty of crowd pleasing favorites on the play list, every person there had to sing along to at least one song. The band is fun, they have a great time, they socialize with the crowd, and they play a nice long set split in two. I really like this fact because you can settle into your seat, get comfortable and the show will still be moving along. Do yourself the favor, grab your favorite person and take them to a Sunday Funday and more importantly take them to see The Good Nights!

To give you an idea of their sound here is a video I shot of them doing a cover of another Austin band.