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Saturday, October 13, 2012

just to be Frank, it was Angie's night!

Frank ) is located just in the beating heart of Austins downtown entertainment district. Right there in between 4th and 5th. A restaurant, a hot dog place, a bar, a music venue. Kinda your one stop shop. I have been there a time or two before. Though the sound is not quite on the level as some other venues, it still provides an intimate setting to check out some music.

With one new voice to here and a couple of familiar faces, I was once again happy to be among the heartbeat and soul of Austin, LIVE MUSIC!

Angie and The Night Owls was first up. Not knowing what to expect or having no expectations at all can sometimes serve you well. You show up with a pre conceived notion of who you are gonna see and what you are gonna heat, then BANG! You do the double take. Angie did this to me for sure. Although I will give a brief nod to the other two acts from this particular show, I am gonna talk big love about Angie.

Lets put it this way...SHE STOLE THE SHOW! It was a knock your sock off performance. Soulful, sassy, loud and proud, she had it all. Covering some Motown, doing originals, she mixed it up and threw it down. When asked if I knew about her or had heard her before I proudly said "No!" The joy of discovering something new and enjoying the hell out of it is so great. Angie's voice filled the room and dare I say she probably didn't need a mic. Find her and take a seat (betcha wont be sitting for long) and take a listen.

Ryan Harkrider ) after doing some back up duty for Angie and then a quick change of his jacket, Mr Harkrider performed again. I am pretty damn sure this set was all new stuff and I cant wait to get my hands on the new disc. Still keeping with his roots, but having a slightly different sound than from his debut release, it is lively and a hugely unexpected sound altogether. Ryan is a showman no doubt! Performing as if he was onstage at Carnegie Hall, you can be assured if you get the opportunity to see Ryan Harkrider perform, he will be the epitome of classy.

Last up on the list this evening was DaHeBeGeBees ). Although the band wasn't with the full ensemble onstage, It was a good shuffling, good music time. I wrote up another review of a performance in which they had they whole band together and in a location that had a sound man and a stage to die for (  ). So I will leave my positive words and excitement for these guys to influence you to go out and support them and live local Austin music.