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Thursday, October 25, 2012

New Moon(shiners)

Probably going to be one of many posts I will send for all the world to see on the world wide web from S. Lamar, Austin, Texas, USA, home of the One2One! Yes, I will repeat myself over and over again about the layout of the bar and the staff. I don't know who is new to this blog and who is a long time reader (does anybody read this by the way). I have seen the hits on my blog as far as Russia and Germany. I have a few hits in Brazil and a lot from Canada, so I know that there are a few folks around the world that have touched this blog and read about Austin, Austin music, and Austin venues. To the regulars, bear with me, for the newbies here we go...

The One2One ( ) is a new old venue. Arisen from the wasteland of 5th St and relocated to the up and coming, vibrant [art of South Austin on S Lamar. Google them, go to there website, but most importantly...GO VISIT THEM! The layout is pure Austin magic, when you walk through the door you are home. Home to an amazing bar staff, a great owner, great sound, a great stage, and most importantly GREAT live local music. There is no division of rooms here, just simply a large open space with a few tables, an generous sized bar, and a great stage. Placement here is key as the stage is dead center to the back of the venue and the large roomy bar is to the right. Lots of room to socialize or kick up your heels to the music that is flowing from the pretty impressive sound system.

The music this evening was The Moonshiners!/themoonshinersatx ). A fresh group of young men with loads of talent and a pretty impressive resume of bands under their collective belts. The sound of this incarnation is just smart. Chord changes and more importantly some really interesting progression or tempo changes. Wickedly good writing for a crew so young looking. Can't pin point the sound, it is as familiar as it is comfortable. What I mean by that is simple, there were several songs that started out and I swore it was a cover song. Only to continue listening and realizing the lyrics and ultimately the tune really were originals. That was fun and very haunting at the same time. Go see them as I believe for a short while they will have a residency at the One2One and then who knows what is next.