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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Boston at ACL Live

I will just say that you KNOW the show kicked ass when you can't wipe the smile off your face!

Being a part of the Boston ( ) experience, hell yeah! Doing it at the ACL Live Moody Theatre ( ) is a great venue for seeing a band, any band, and an even better place for seeing Boston during KLBJ's Dudley and Bob ( 20th Anniversary celebration. EVEN better than that, is having it proclaimed to be 'Dudley and Bob Day' by the city council, HELL YEAH! Local morning radio show personalities Dudley and Bob came out right before Boston (after being made to wait in the kitchen) gave thanks to the audience, hugged it out (awwwww I almost cried), then they left the stage!


Boston, dude, B O S T O N! I saw them when Third Stage was released in 1986, Brad Delp was still alive and it was great. Tom Scholz today, is still the man, know matter what! Creating this ship to take us on a musical journey of almost 40 years. DAMN! The music isn't old, it's not worn out, it is timeless and it is recognized by everyone young and old. Being enjoyed by every one young and old is a different story though. The younger fans smiled and enjoyed while some of the older fans I think were having the cougar in front of us. I am sure she wanted to rip off her shirt and throw her bra onstage and had it been 30 years earlier, NO DOUBT!

With no commands from the band, the moment Boston hit the stage, the crowd was on its feet. Clapping and singing along with EVERY SINGLE SONG. Shit you didn't know was a Boston song, music that you forgot was Boston, and what seemed to be their historical greatest hits of them all. Amanda, We're Ready, More than a feeling, my goodness they can not all be named, BUT if Boston is not currently on tour when you read this, then you should closely watch. Make it a point to go as soon as they do, near or far it will be a show to see.