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Saturday, July 21, 2012

That's a wrap

At the Dirty Dog ( ) on a Saturday night. The streets are crowded, the clubs are packed, the music is playing, and Bobby Bookout ( ) is at home in front of the crowd. Sporting his new daddy bad-ass-i-ness with his beautiful young wife and son to be we were here to help with a music video shoot by enjoying some great rock/blues music.

An interesting night of some sorts as there managed to be 3 generations of Bookout fans in the audience. There were the first timers that were long time dad and step mother as well as my daughter. Think about it...with me that would be 3 generations. There were long time, old time appreciators, Mike with a date along for that great 'Ultimate Date Music Band'! Mike was there with me when MC Overlord introduced me to Bobby several YEARS ago. In fact, I want to say that was my first blog I wrote after that show...hmmmm. OF COURSE the lovers and dreamers of Bookout performances, the beautiful young ladies that couldn't keep their feet off the dance floor or their hips from grinding (my girlfriend being one of the most ardent fans).

As always, Bobby was humble to be up on stage, but definitely commanding of the mic, stage, and sound. With Blake Atwell ( ) on guitar (somebody should have called AFD, cause this kid was on fire) it was a great set. No stops to the music or fun. Bobby was even having a video shoot for a new song while we danced and were sweating the night away. The new track, to our surprise, had a very country sound to it. Even heard it compared to Johnny Cash - Folsom Prison, W O W! Bobby are you listening, that is some pretty impressive shit.

To every one else reading, lets wish him well on the new baby, the new album, the new video...and collectively look for him getting back out into the live music scene so that we all can partake in this on a regular basis.