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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Battered and Bruised

"Scream It Like You Mean It" ) tour,  photos from the Austin, Texas stop.

The new Emos, Emos East ) is a really great addition to the live music expansion happening here in town. With the other renovations happening (East Austin Revitalization Project) in this part of Austin, it is perfectly suited. I had frequented this location and building back in the day when it was The Back Room. Now that I have been to the new incarnation, I can truly say that I am glad this is in that location and Emo's East is a great addition to the live music accessibility for performers and road shows that come to Austin. I love it!

For those of you who were lucky enough to have seen or been in the old back room, I was very happy to see that they left the original bar that was at the front of the game room side of the venue.

Now Emos East is just one GIANT open space, a grandiose version of the Red River location. The bleachers are still there in the back and on the side. There are some tables for sitting and enjoying a drink (especially if you are sent to the back of the club by your kid, while they enjoy the show down front!) The sound is fucking awesome for the bands that want it loud and in your face. A decent smoking section outside, for you chimneys out there. Parking is just about as stupid as it was before and not any safer than down town. Plenty of creepy ass weirdos starring down from the apartment balconies while you get out of your car (LOCK YOUR SHIT UP!).
A great stage, awesome lighting, and apparently the bands love the sound man (with or without a beard?!)

At The Skylines ) first up again. I saw these guys at SXSW in March and was blown away. An opener my ass, they pounded the shit out and had the early crowd from go! With a recent birth in the band family, there was a loan in singer who ran with the task like he was part of the band from day 1! If you didn't know the band or weren't familiar with them then you didn't notice. I am telling you, catch these bad ass guys out on the road and just see what I mean...Why are you opening? Lets get them moved up on the bill. With the sound, energy, and audience reaction, I will love an opportunity to see them again, and MOST DEFINITELY with a longer set. I want MORE...and you will too.

BTW - we did a video interview with Chris, lead singer of ATS. It was great, it was fun. If you are a fan of the band you will get a neat inside view of some things that you never knew (and maybe didn't want to!)  []

Although I haven't had the pleasure of knowing Glasscloud ) before this show, I will tell you that I am glad I went, glad I heard them and you will be too.  Yes, they would be put in the same category as the other bands ("Screamo" as I am told by my daughter), but what you get and what they are is a little different. Vocals are right there like the other bands, but musically that is where the breaks come on. The guitar player was scary bad ass, I mean along the lines of virtuoso. At several times I would swear he was playing with 10 fingers and not just a pick and the fact that it is an 8-string guitar. Expecting that there is some classical guitar training in his background, but this could just be insane, self taught talent. Go see them, watch and is intelligent, and it seems that they like to showcase that.

On a side note, I did get to meet their drummer, Chad, and spoke with him for a hot minute (it was 110 on the black top asphalt.) After hearing and seeing them perform, I was not surprised in the least bit how friendly and well spoken Chad is. Fun fact is that they do like to jam new stuff in the van when they are traveling from gig to gig. Being handed discs all the time they DO actually try to listen to it (in the CD player of the van at that exact moment was 'Inside the Beehive' - Chad also has mad respect for Justin Bieber...(the new album actually does kick ass!)

Secrets ), sadly I only caught the last couple of songs here as I was outside doing a video interview with another band (check it on YouTube). What I did catch was great and full of energy. With the lead singer standing on the barricade and lurching out into the crowd, it was pretty intense. As a fan, this is what you come early for, this is what you fight for (to stay down in front), this is why live music will always kick ass and be an integral part of our lives. The apparent love of the fans from Secrets is what makes me smile when I go to a show and see that from a band.

Close to Home ) was right there with the other bands. I am telling you, whether you get the opportunity to catch this band on this tour or it is another tour at another time. You MUST take the time to go check them out on a bill with many other bands. It is very fun and these guys in CTH like to be showy and laugh and smile onstage. Great stuff!

Like Moths to Flames!/likemoths ) is just as fun and lively as the other bands. Driving the audience into a frenzy with the music and commanding your attention the whole time they are on stage. Another band that would definitely be worth while seeing again or catching on a big bill like this one.

 Abandon All Ships!/abandonallships ) really impressed me with their sound. I hate to make comparisons, cause what I hear is never what you hear or think. I even sent my girlfriend a text about these guys as soon as I heard them. Something that I knew she would like, and our tastes don't always match up. As far as the performance, right on the money with the other bands. Full of energy, audience participation, and general "I don't give a Fuck, I am here for a good time" it was great and I would take my girlfriend to see these guys. 

 Woe Is Me!/woeis ) was pretty intense. Demanding the circle pit, and make sure you take someone down with you. Damn good fun. It must be great to be higher up on the food chain, but after a few hours of mind numbing, blistering sound, you would think you would be tired of it. NOPE, not with this audience. Woe Is Me just whipped them up into a new frenzy.

We Came As Romans!/wecameasromans ) the statement of 'blinded by the sound' would be applicable here. Just huge sound coming from WCAR and the activity on the stage and in the crowd was mind numbing. I couldn't focus and the crowd was just insane. This was a breathless set.
Sorry for the lack of photos, but of course we had a camera issue during the WCAR set.

 Attack Attack! ) were the men of the late hour. This is what most of the kids came to see. DO you wanna know what it was like from the audience perspective when these guys came on stage...EVERYONE forgot about their pain and dove into the fray.

With poignant words for a lost and hopeless generation, the lead singer drew great applause and cheering while they launched into another barrage of songs.

Angel was dead tired with a hurting ankle and wanted to go, but decided "No, I want to stay til the end." I think this was undoubtably the sentiment with every one. 'Let's make it to the end!' Good thing they all did, with a thank you and good night Attack Attack! left the stge, only to be pulled back for one more song. YUP! it was the one every one wanted to hear and the place just exploded.

Photos by Angel Skye!