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Saturday, June 30, 2012

New blood!!!

Red Eyed Fly ) was eerily empty on the front side this particular week night. Bartenders standing and staring as you walk through to the club to the stage out back...a little creepy and surreal. But outside, sweet!

Sinsored ) was onstage and who I came to see. Punk music in its most raw and youngest form. I can say that it was not what I expected and better than I imagined. Missing only the first couple of songs but catching a half hour of performance was cool. Basic standard four piece as you would think. I really dont know their ages, but that doesnt matter. I have seen other bands that were older and where just starting out as well, so age...mehhh! It is how you handle yourself onstage and the crowd that I am there for.

I will provide feedback in this public forum 'cause I would like to see these kids grow, get better, and kick some more ass. Also, I can look back at this blog in the future when they are stars in their own right and compare that future gig to this first view.

Practice, practice, practice. The tunes and the sound were unmistakeably Punk! No doubt, not this bullshit pop punk on the radio (that I do listen to anyway) nor is it that '70's 'punk' sound. Sinsored is more hardcore punk and if this is what you like, this is what you will get. Raw, unapologetic, gutteral, shredding punk. No D-Beat (although that may come) , no feedback between tracks (maybe you guys should try it), just punk.

It is summertime and I would hope these kids were in the living room (fuck the garage it is too damn hot) for a couple of hours A DAY practicing. They need it. As stupid as it sounds to some of you, they need to tighten up their songs to be able to play the great, sloppy, punk sound and be good at it. A little off key on the vocals here, some off tempo licks there..ehhh...just practice.

I liked the fact that the bass player was the MC for the band. In between songs he was culling they audience for responses, "first time at a show of ours? How many have been to all 4 of our shows so far? go get a free demo CD!" Nice glad someone in the band is taking control of the audience, part of putting on a good show..;.not just playing your music. The audience is there for the live part of it. Otherwise we would put your shit on in the car and play it really fucking loud!

The frontmans voice was surpisingly great for the body it came out of, with his "Outsiders" style (check THAT reference Dave Tee Vee!) and constant smile, it was really great for the music. Don't know about the 'singing' on the slower track they did, but for everything else his voice is what will make or break these guys as a good punk band.

Look them up at their FB page and go try something new in Austin.