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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Like water

When it's that near perfect mixture of music, crowd, and flows like water. The music is just right for the crowd. The mixture of rock, country, Americana, and originals just come together perfectly...and the crowd loves it. The drinks flow like water. The social lubricant of our adult lives keeps the good times rolling. Time. The time just moves on with a seamless performance so the next thing you know...3 hours have gone by in a blink. It all flows like water.

 The unexpected Friday night performance is always fun. I wanted to stop by, but didn't know if it would really happen. It did! The stop was in the pouring rain in Pflugerville, Texas. The place was Uncle Gary's Bar. The band was American Gypsy Band.

Uncle Gary's Bar ( is on the side of the highway at the far back end of a parking lot. I was looking for it while I was in the parking lot and still didn't see it until we walked right up to it...then it was 'Oh! This is it.' Understand it was 8:30 at night and raining like Hell so the description of the outside is definitely tainted. A modest porch out front was crowded as Hell, all the smokers were doing their thing and trying to stay dry.

As you walk in, the venue is the size of a small house. The bar is immediately to your left, the stage is at the back in the right corner. Bathrooms are past the bar on the left and next to the stage. There are some stairs that lead up to a small balcony and seating area above the floor. Apparently there is an area out back too, but it was to wet to go out there and I didn't care 'cause I don't smoke.

The house was jam packed this evening and everyone was having a great time with the American Gypsy Band ( doing their thing on stage. My title paragraph should really bring home the sentiment and crowd loving fun of this band. A four piece with the lead singer doing some acoustic work occasionally. Their mixture of cover tunes spanned a huge swath of musical genres to the delight of the crowd. There was no dance floor and it was packed with girls and couples dancing to almost every song. The crowd was singing along (appropriately, not annoyingly) and there were not to many moments where folks were just sitting. American Gypsy Band spectacularly wove their originals in with the covers to the point that you couldn't tell and didn't care.

As far as a performance goes and for a crowd pleasing time. You can't go wrong with a night of American Gypsy Band. Check them out, look then up, and plan on it. is a cool ass video of them performing some Bob Marley (