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Thursday, April 2, 2015

A very metal bachelor party

My last weekend as a bachelor and I get the call from INsite Austin Magazine ( editor, Sean Claes, to join him for a band review he was invited to do.

We jumped in his car and on the way to the show the conversation rolls around to it should, HA! We realize that this particular Saturday was my last Saturday as a single man. The following Friday (03/13/15) I was to be married to Ms. Cruz, and damn well looking forward to it!

The first stop was to The Dirty Dog ( As you well know, one of my favorite spots to catch music in Austin on 6th St. The band on the review bill was none other than Southern Front. Now, at first I didn't realize it, but I had seen and reviewed them ( I actually didn't snap to this fact until after the first band had finished insulting our ears and sense of what a decent performance should be. I saw the lead singer to Southern Front setting up. As Sean and I went to the stage to say 'Hi!', it was then I realized she they were.

Lets talk about The Dirty Dog real quick. It is located right in the heart of the entertainment district, on 6th St., just a few blocks West of IH 35. The club is home to  some nice street side seating with large windows to people watch.  A very large U shaped bar in the middle and a long bar on the right hand side towards the back. Plenty of room on the floor in front of a decent size stage for enjoying any type of performance. Rock, Metal, Americana, Pop, Latin, Hip Hop, I have seen it all there and enjoyed it the bar each and every time.

The first band of the evening was Momentous ( They were not! It was a two piece, guitar and drummer. No vocals but lots of balls. The drummer was located towards the front of the stage, but facing stage The guitarist just ran back an forth on the stage, as near as I could tell, masturbating with his guitar. I can say that because it was not really in the realm of playing.

The drummer was another story. He was actually quite amazing. And I mean, shockingly, surprising, holy crap! kind of awesome. But he was just as disturbing as the guitar player. Not only was he sitting sideways and playing towards a wall, he just seemed to stare off into the distance and just spent the whole performance counting. BUT HE WAS FREAKING AMAZING. Like, technical, fast, and just great. I think the crowd stood in somewhat confused silence as they performed. The only cheers seemed to come from friends or family that were in the crowd.

Southern Front ( was up next. Damn fine performance. The crowd had built up and pushed forward ready for the start of this. Southern Front is metal in the best sense of the genre. Just guitar grinding, drum and bass pounding, lead singer screaming in your face metal. If this is what you cam to see, you got it. The crowd loved it I will tell you this, first time I saw Southern Front, the lead singer scared the hell outta me as a super intense guy. After meeting him and saying hello pre performance, it was a totally different perspective. Still extremely intense, but it was way more enjoyable and fun watching the show and enjoying it in it's entirety this time.

You have to get out and see and enjoy Southern Front soon. From the looks of the press it seems like some of Austin's local metal is getting great attention.

photos of the show are here:

courtesy of Sean Claes from INsite Austin magazine.

Coming soon is the story of the The Dirty Dog and the 10th anniversary on 6th St Austin, Texas.