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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Fader in effect

SXSW is always a great time of year. The sheer number of bands that come into Austin, Texas is astounding. Bands from all over the globe, here for just a few days, trying to play as many shows as possible, and hoping for that lucky break. For the music lover it is prime pickings. To see a new band you have never heard of, see that band you have been hearing about, or run into a favorite. With amount of free shows going on night and day, it really is indie heaven.

A skillful person can go on line usually about a month ahead and sign up for many of the 'invite only' free events. You can VIP yourself for so many shows and events you wont be able to do them all. Then there is simply walking from one event to another and experiencing even more music that it is hard to not get side tracked and lose your sense of time. You just get pulled in by the fun you see and hear.

I was so very lucky enough to get press access to The Fader Fort presented by Converse ( Located this year just off of IH 35 on 5th St. it was a blast! With special sponsors like Dell, Jack Daniels (oh man was that awesome after 5pm), and Mazda there was always something happening and something to see or experience. Even hanging out was an experience. One of the days it rained and yet the spirits of those in attendance were not even close to being dampened.

The music, oh yes the music. For me the highlight was Big Sean, but there were several others I enjoyed along with the thousand or so in attendance.

I normally post about the performances in my blog, but I will share with you the photos of the time I spent there. Just take this blog write up as a helpful hint and a glance forward at the excitement next years SXSW. The Fader Fort did lots of things right. From crowd control, access, the lines, and security. It was inviting inside the Fort with special guest Converse artists and Dells lounge. It was social and fun outside with a giant chalkboard by Mazda, a really phenomenal outside lounge area, and Jack Daniels being the social lubricant to make it all work.

The stage and light set up for the performers was bangin' along with the sound. Those outside that had to wait their turn to get in were at least kept entertained by the performances inside. It is with no doubt I now understand the long lines to get into this event with the music and mix The Fader Fort presented by Converse hot ticket!