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Thursday, April 9, 2015

bachelor party weekend pt 2

Just having realized that my last Saturday as a bachelor was gonna spent with INsite Austin Magazine editor Sean Claes and long time, live rock video enthusiast, and documentor of all things metal and awesome in Austin - Dave "Dave TeeVee" Prewitt, I might as well review some shows.

We went down to the Red Eyed Fly on Red River in Austin, Texas. Pretty much in the heart of the entertainment district. There were 2 bands performing on their nifty outside stage this nice evening.

As you walk in the Red Eyed Fly ( there is a wall that immediately greats you upon stepping in the entrance. As you walk around it to either side you discover a very decent sized bar area. Lots of tables and seating and a long bar on the wall to your right. As you walk through the club to the back, the bathrooms are to your right also. Out back is where the magic happens. A large stone area with a stage set directly in front of you and another bar to your right. It either stays very cool out here in the fall and winter time or humid as hell the other 11 months of the year, as the bar backs up to Waller Creek.

The first band on stage was Austins own Burn Ban ( A local 2 piece punk band with all the balls needed to make you believe. Although the crowd was ridiculously small for a Saturday night, I can tell you it had nothing to do with the band. Burn Ban was fun. You couldn't see the drummer but you could hear him. The vocalist/guitarist was definitely running the show. Nothing flashy about these guys...except for the singers socks. This is punk as punk should be and sometimes is. Short 2 minute songs. Fast paced, loud, and harsh. With lyrical content the may or may not e something to laugh at (e.g. - their song 'Suck My Dick' is not what you think it is about....or is it?).

The second band we saw was Whiskey of the Damned (, and Damned fine these guys were! I would have so loved to seen this performance on St Patrick's Day with a crowd of 2000 drunken revelers enjoying the performance. They are an Irish band from Wisconsin(?), Celtic Rock for real though. This was another one of those shocker performances you dream about. When it was over you looked around and realized that the hundreds or thousands that should have been in attendance just missed out on something they will never aurally be able to experience again.

Whiskey of the Damned was about as kick ass and fun as you can get. A touring band that Austin got lucky enough to have stop here, and sad enough because a promoter fucked them over. It was fun, it was entertaining, it was a down in the crowd experience. If you have ever been to a St. Patrick's Day celebration with one of THOSE fun rock bands everyone seems to love and enjoy....they wish they could be as great as Whiskey of the Damned. I usually like to talk about how much fun the audience had at a show. Seeing as the crowd was made up of their roadie, some wives or girlfriends, the bar staff, and some riff-raff that writes about will just have to settle for my experience.

THEY WERE GREAT! The drummer came out and played drums on an empty keg. They rotated guitarist/drummer/singer/bassist. They were all over the place in the most fun and chaotic fashion. And it all circled around some absolutely great music.

Sorry everyone missed this. Look them up and I will see you at the show next time they hit Austin.