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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Another bad creation...

Proud to have gone to another CD release party for one of Austin's local, coming up, Rap performers - Drastik. Former lead singer of rap core band Drastik IV, now branches out for his solo debut - Dreams of Coming Up.  You can check out the album review here - (

This CD release party was held at Empire Control Room ( This was my first trip there so lets talk about it. Located on 7th street, in between Red River and IH 35, on the same side as police headquarters. Empire Control Room has a fairly unique set up. In the front door is the bar area. On the left hand wall is a fantastic row of coin op , stand up, video games to the right is a long bar. There is a doorway on the right hand side that leads to the stage area. Directly to the back is a doorway that leads to a very nice deck out back.

The stage area is either unfinished on purpose or is currently under construction and still has some work to go. The stage itself is a long stage, but fairly shallow and a tight fit for a full band. The sound is awesome, loud, and bass heavy...perfect for a rap show. The lighting is currently being supplied all around the club area with many projectors. Very cool for the effects as seen in some of my photos from the show, but pretty lame for seeing the band on stage. Like I said, it appears to be in the works.

Now for a CD release party, and this was a party. Drastik (along with his beautiful wife) made damn sure all of the guests this evening were taken care of very well. There was a raffle for a prize for presale ticket holders, lots of food, and cake. Yes, seriously! I have NEVER been to a CD release party that was an actual party. What an impressive job and I hope everyone in attendance, realized and thanked the hosts!

Casino ( and Chef Greezy ( were the first two performers up. I really like the tag team format that they did when they hit the stage. Casino, up first, spittin his rhymes. Then he was joined on stage by Chef Greezy who jumped in on a song or two and then the show just flowed right into Chef Greezy's set. Chef Greezy was joined on stage by another rapper as well who contributed to the vibe. The crowd was totally down with Casino and Chef Greezy's rhymes, hands up, and enjoying the rhtym and the rhyme. Smoking weed, weed, weed, weed. Lets get high, lets get fucked up and smoke some weed. Ehhh


Giovanni Tha King ( was up with his spin on the rap game. Doing more of a Dub step style music and putting down the rhymes with such power, he had to tell the sound guy to turn down his mic, this shit was fucking awesome. Giovanni Tha King was fun to watch and laid down some great rhymes. I thought I heard him say he was from Waco, don't know, don't care...just definitely want to see this guy again. I would highly recommend Giovanni Tha King any where in Austin. Here is another artist who I would love to see again with a much longer set. Also want to get my hands on some of his music as I would jam his sound for friends at my house with no problem.


Kevin Jack ( was the hardest working man in the house on this particular night. He was the DJ all night long for the pre show music as well as doing the music for all of the performers this evening. Kevin Jack was the last performer up before the main event. Here was another powerful and entertaining set. Pulling the crowd all the way up to the front of the stage, Kevin Jack even broke down the moves for one of his songs and had the whole crowd doing the Judo Chop! This was the perfect set to get the crowd worked up and right into headliner Drastik.


Drastik ( finally came on stage with Kevin Jack continuing his duties as DJ for the evening. Drastik rolled into his set with just him and the DJ and several new tracks. New stuff, not on the newly dropped CD, i thought was a genius way to open the show. Come on, you have to anticipate that the majority of the crowd has the new disc and heard it at least 10 times, so why not kick some new, NEW shoot to open the show?

After a few songs with Kevin Jack, Drastik called the band up on stage, then it was ON! A drummer  who is so unbelievably talented and charismatic, it is scary that he is local and not nationwide on a tour with the likes of #ButhcherBabies. A guitarist and saxophone player joined the band on stage as well and it was mind blowing! Drastik jumped into the tracks from the debut CD and it was completely impressive.

Drastik continued on with his set, keeping the crowd front and center. He even jumped down off the stage to join the crowd for one of his tracks. There is not much of a question in my opinion and that of the crowd on hand, Drastik's debut CD, CD release party, and live performance is a hella experience. Glad I was there. Lucky you when you get to see for yourself at one of his upcoming shows.