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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Wretched - Mayhem Fest 2014

When I arrived at the Gexa Energy Pavillion ( in Dallas, Texas for the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival, ( I had a ridiculous schedule. Between interviews with members of different bands on one side of the amphitheater and the shows happening on the exact opposite side...I only had to worry about the 105 degree heat. Fuck it! I live in Texas.

Without question I know, and have determined, that shooting the live shows and doing reviews of the bands performances is where my heart and mind is. I had a great time interviewing the members of 5 different bands (including Joel - guitar player from Wretched), but on these touring festivals, I would much rather shoot the first three songs and review the performance. Unless, of course, some band wants me to be their personal rep to document all of the crazy shit on any one stop or on a whole tour!

Wretched ( was the first band I got to see perform AND THEN meet with a member for an interview. It is a world of difference talking to someone with the enthusiasm of the just watched performance coursing through your veins, than a sit down and chat...just because. Here are the photos from their kick ass performance. I swear that the lead singer looked like he was gonna pop. I don't know if it was from the heat or the power of the performance and it doesn't matter, because it was relentless. Just gut pounding, in your head with the vocals and guitars, worth every damn penny you spent to see the bigger bands! Follow them on FB and then follow them, see them in your town.

Enjoy the photos and here is the link to my audio interview with Joel!