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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Dreams of Coming Up - Drastik

I am all about the live music scene in Austin. I try to focus on the local bands and tell you about the venue. I try to convey how awesome or lame the live performance of said band was.

BUT.... Here is the combo deal.

I have seen Lynn Drastik performing with the band Drastik IV in the past. Now,  the lead singer has struck out on his own with his solo project, and dropped it for the world to hear and experience.

Drastik - Dreams of Coming Up is a radical departure from the hard Rock sound (that reminded me of Rage Against the Machine) that was his band Drastik IV.

Dreams of Coming Up is rap. It is pretty much rap at its best. The album is sewn together very well. With the bass laden tracks throughout, it leaves no room for doubt that Lynn Drastik has found the formula for a head bobbing, smile inducing record.

From the opening track 'God's plan' there is no doubt Drastik is confident and solid. Dreams weaves in and out. Drastik is both pushing you with his lyrical ferocity, and pulling you in with his love and respect for the one above! It is a strength that is very striking, putting both the street and God on the same plate. But it is the truth and it is real.

My favorite on the album is 'My M.o.' with the line dropped about "co-starring Halle Berry"! The man's got balls.

See you at a show soon. Pick up the album online,  find Drastik on Facebook!