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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Saturday afternoon smoke

Something new in more than one way.

Down at The Salt Lick ( with new friends, family, great food, and great music. It's always good to introduce something new to someone new and have them really enjoy it.
So I made new friends within my fiance's family. Coming to visit us for the weekend from Dallas and Monterrey, we decided on BBQ. Since we have never been let down by the drive, the atmosphere, or the food, The Salt Lick was the only choice and the right one.

Although we have been many times, no one else in the party of 11 had experienced the joy of smoke and BBQ like this. EVERYBODY thoroughly enjoyed the food. I was even told by my fiance's cousin it was the BEST BBQ he has ever had. DAMN and well done Salt Lick! What was better than the smiles and the enjoyment of everyone having some damn good BBQ? MUSIC! Not just music, but good music.

Sitting in the grove, under the beautiful oaks, we had another new experience. An acoustic performance by The Bruce Smith Band (
Bruce Smith was doing the acoustic guitar with some very smooth vocals. His lead guitar player was doing his best to try and set the place on fire with some very amazing slide guitar work. Cool and mellow is the best way to describe his Texas Country sound. Perfect for a Saturday afternoon at the foot of the Texas Hill County. Damn beautiful stuff.

Bruce was doing a few covers, lots of originals, and plenty of appreciation from the hungry crowd. I especially fell in love with his song 'Another Day In Paradise'. Wow! Instant recognition on a song I have never heard before. Bruce even teased the crowd with some music from his currently un-released next album.

I can't wait and I eagerly await another opportunity to catch The Bruce Smith Band in their full glory. Even better would be to catch them at one of our great, local Texas dance halls. Hope to see you there.