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Monday, July 14, 2014

Good time Memories

The Dirty Dog ( on 6th Street, Austin, Texas is nearing it's 10th Anniversary.  I can see big things on the horizon and I can't wait, and all you need to do is keep your eyes open.

The Dirty Dog is more than just and 'Extreme Sports Bar', it is a destination for local music.  From Rap to rock, Death metal to local singer/songwriter sounds, it can all be found on this stage most nights. From free shows to touring shows with a cover, it is never short on a good time here at the Dirty Dog.

The bar itself is set up for a small local crowd to a hella packed house. In the fun entry there are a few arcade games and even a pole that I have seen used more than once. There is a very large 'U' shaped bar for service all the way around. The stage is optimally located for a small local crowd all the way up to a rowdy mosh pit crowd. The bathrooms to the back behind the stage and another bar to the right.

Tonight was a rock night with local band Ayleanne ( Coming onstage with little hurrah, just the crunch of the guitars and 'whoosh' we were taken away. Although I don't like to describe a  band or their music,  because that's not what you hear or what 'they' think. Here is the short take on these guys. The music had a definitive late 90's rock sound. I won't name any of they really good bands that came out at that time, but pick your favorite and Ayleanne will probably compare.

Yes, Ayleanne is current, modern and exciting. The lead singer's vocals were freaking spot on and controlled. The proof of the cool little set these guys pulled off was in the crowd. Eyes on them, conversation down, and heads forward. Yup, everyone was paying attention. The only voices I heard were in-between songs. I kept hearing my girlfriend and her friend excited about how awesome Ayleanne was, how they loved the sound, and the memories the band evoked. Seemed liked the crowd agreed.

All said and done here, I will dl or buy a hard  copy of their album and look forward to running into their set again.


Memory of a Melody ( set up, did a quick sound check and then launched into their set. San Antoino Music Award winners for Band of the Year, not only came out ready to rock, but knew how to play to an audience. The Austin crowd swelled and pushed forward for these rockers. It was a pleasure to be around a band that not only rocked this hard, but played to the crowd - for the crowd.

Here is proof of a band just pouring out everything they have onstage...the drummer busted his snare. Talk about giving it all at a show, Yup! Thanks to the guys from Ayleanne, the night was saved and the show carried on. This was all good for me and everyone in attendance.  Lead singer Mario, big smile and all, allowed the crowd to wish him and an audience a member Happy Birthday. Besides the S H O R T delay for the snare and the happy delay for wishes, this was a non stop set.

With remote control lighting and effects on stage, it was a show as much as it was a live performance. No doubt the Band of the Year title is earned here. C'mon...there were women in the Austin crowd yelling at Memory of a Melody they wanted to hear "Things that make you Scream!" Definitely a crowd pleaser and I look forward to making that short drive down IH-35 to see Memory of a Melody on their home turf with a rowdy hometown crowd!