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Saturday, October 26, 2013

By the light of the Moontower

A couple blocks on the south side of the Slaughter Ln and Manchaca intersection, in Austin, Texas, there is a little ol' bar called the Moontower Saloon ( Nestled among the trees, situated on a couple of acres with PLENTY of room to roam. Bring your dog, bring your friends, and bring on the good times, just don't bring the kids.

There are washer pits (poor mans horseshoes) and I suppose there might be horseshoe pits also, but I haven't paid attention. There is a bar outside, a bar inside, a couple of food trailers and ample amounts of seating in the form of picnic tables and benches. There is also a stage outside for music on any given long weekend. For the most part there is decent parking, but be prepared to pay a couple of bucks in one of the satellite lots behind the Moontower Saloon.

The bar staff is good and attentive and there is ample security for the overindulgent. I will state this in the most simple terms. DO NOT FUCK AROUND and get to soused, they will throw your ass out and I promise you the local law enforcement is and will be waiting. Bring a DD (and I don't mean your girlfriend) have know worries and have a great time.

The stage is just to the right of the bar, a fire pit for those cool Texas nights, and seating all around. This is a great spot to sit down and catch your favorite local band if you are lucky. If you are unlucky then you get to catch some great local talent anyway. It was a lucky night for me and a few friends as we drove up and parked there was a familiar sound rolling through the cool Texas evening air.

The rocking, blues sound of Bobby Bookout ( Whether you like rock, blues, or a hint of that Texas country sound, Bobby Bookout should be an audio destination for you. On this evening it seemed that there were more than a hundred folks hanging out and taking in that Austin sound. Bobby is in the middle of recording his second full length album and is very happy showcasing some of those tunes to an eager crowd. With some folks in the crowd that are military friends of Bobby's it is a wonder that the crowd thoroughly enjoyed songs like 'Guns Drawn' and the Johnny Cash sounding 'Home'. You really need to look up Bobby Bookout's web page, go to a show, and see what you can do to help support the creation of the new album and continue to support live, local Austin music.

Like the crowd on this cool Texas night, I left the Moontower, we all left happy. Bodies warm from the fires burning and our souls warm from some great music. Don't think ANYTHING will ever beat a great Texas night with some great Texas music. Stop into the Moontower and you tell me.