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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

For a good time call....

well actually just go by, Don't call! AND IT'S FREE!!!!

Little Woodrow's ( is hosting a Wednesday edition of Austin Live and Local ( with host Patrick Davis and guest host MC Overlord (

This takes place in the back of Little Woodrow's from 8 - 9 every Wednesday. It is good raucous fun with a little touch of some local music in every show AND it's is a radio show that is created right before your eyes.

I, myself, did not know what to expect and was surprised at what I got. You will be too!

Austin Live and Local is set up in a talk show format. The hosts and usually a couple of guests cover everything from current events and sports in the most irreverent way possible to a quick fire exchange of banter during conversations. The hour long show ends with a special musical guest performing a couple of songs.

The show is pod cast on MIX 94.7 the next evening and there is nothing quite like being part of that live audience and then listening back to the (sometimes edited) show the next day. It makes it all the more fun.

So go do yourself a favor, get out of the house, get off the sofa. It is on Wednesday nights and is only for an hour. You can be back home and in bed by breakfast!

I loved it and plan to participate again, hope to see you there.