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Thursday, October 10, 2013

American comfort

Comfort food and comfort music. Things that you are familiar with, that make you feel good, and that you don't have to try and just do.

Wings and music....sounds pretty damn good to me, hope it does for you too.

Wings To Go ( made it's debut in small town Kyle, Texas recently. Located in the H.E.B. plus shopping center, it is a can't miss destination on your way out or on your way in to Austin. They food is...well...IT'S WINGS!!!! Actually, the menu offers a few other things that are good as well, for example, the salad is surprisingly good. As far as flavors, Wings To Go offers the standard fare and wide variety. Don't be afraid to ask the wait staff to have a taste before you order what you think is your favorite flavor. Remember 'Hot' at one place may be mild somewhere else. My personal favorite to order here EVERY TIME I GO is not even on the menu. You have to ask for the Parmesan garlic fries...TO DIE FOR!!!!!

Wings To Go Kyle is pretty bare bones, but you don't go to a place like this for the decor. Lots and LOTS of TVs make it the place to go to watch your favorite sport. If it's sports and it's on TV, but they don't have it on one of theirs, just ask (it is Time Warner they have BTW) they will tune it in for you.

BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE....this IS a music blog. "What the hell!?" you say. Seems to me like the Wings To Go in Kyle is picking up the music bug with some guitar picking on a recent Saturday night. That's right, The Cody Bryan Band ( made it's acoustic appearance right here. With a pretty damn good crowd (for a wing place) it was an easy way to burn 2 hours, have some great American comfort food in those wings and amazing fries and with some great Texas country music from the Cody Bryan Band.

Armed with some serious tunage, a few cover songs, and some new songs that this crowd had the pleasure to experience, the Cody Bryan Band was a crowd pleaser. The band brought along a great deal of merchandise as well as a great deal on their merchandise.

Playing songs from their debut CD made a few in the crowd happy, hearing a song from a previous incarnation of this band was downright exhilarating! Throwing in some crowd pleasing, sing along type covers proves that this Cody Bryan guy is taking the reigns and steering his audience the way he wants. There are definitely more opportunities to see this band coming up, so check out there website and make tracks to go. Whether it is an acoustic set or the whole band, check it out. In fact, check out both versions as it is two completely different experiences.