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Friday, December 13, 2013

Old Metal Heads don't die,

they just 'Rust in Peace'!

*PROOF* - Megadeth at The Moody Theater, Austin, Texas.

So here I am, back at The Moody Theater ( again. What is that you haven't been there yet? One of the finest music venues in Austin. An all purpose facility that meets the needs of EVERY genre of music. From Country to Rock, old and new, The Moody Theater is smile inducing. Don't wait to go see a musical performance of some great band here, go and check out there collection pf memorabilia and photo galleries! There are some Epic moments of music history sitting right there at 420 Willy Nelson Ave (HA!).

So The Moody is arranged like this...up a flight of stairs to the main entrance. This level is one story up and open to the street. Here you can find an nice outside bar, occasionally some eats, and merchandise from what ever is happening behind the closed doors. The doors on this level lead to the floor of the venue, General admission, standing room only, or seating. Just depends on the performance. 

From the outside terrace you go up some more stairs that lead you to the upper two levels. The upper two levels are where the aforementioned memorabilia and art is. These levels are indoors so no freezing or sweating your tush off. There are bars on both of the upper levels and there is NOT a bad seat in this house!

Megadeth hauled into Austin with Nonpoint and Fear Factory leading off the set.

Nonpoint ( was most assuredly ON POINT! I had never heard them before, but the slowly filtering in audience received a hellified treat when Nonpoint took the stage. A quick grind of guitar, the  house lights went down, hands went up and BOOM! Nonpoint was there. The audience absolutely thrilled at the non stop performance afforded by this group of guys. Not sure if the drums were set sideways because there was no room for Nonpoint as an opener, or that's their thing. It was an odd set up to say the least. That is my observation and has nothing to do with the kick ass performance Austin received. Hopefully, with the warm reception Nonpoint received from us, they will be back again. 

Fear Factory ( was up next. With a larger, still filtering in crowd, they tried to bring the pain. It seemed odd to me from both the front of the house shooting photos and back of the house observing, something was off. Fear Factory was in the house, but the performance seemed a little lack luster. The larger crowd enjoyed the performance, but it was not the energy the smaller crowd had for the first band up. The guitarist and bassist were putting all their sweat and energy out there, but with a drummer (who visibly looked bored through the set) and a lead singer who felt like he wasn't all was kind of a bummer. The crowd cheered. It was good, but just wasn't as energetic as expected. 


Megadeth ( N B E L I E V A B L E ! ! ! ! ! ! ! The title for this blog is both a tribute to the band and a tribute to the fans. As it may be for any band of  great significance, the fans are devoted, will grow up, grow older, and will always support THEIR band. And so it is for Megadeth fans, but REMEMBER and think of this, these are not just fans of Heavy Metal music as it was born in the 80's...these are MEGADETH fans. One and all and the same!   

This was an exciting performance. From the first chords through the grinding favorites...this was a visceral experience. The sound, the lights, the images on the screens, and the audience being one giant mass of voices and flailing limbs. What a great fucking show! Dave Mustaine is NOT the wild and crazy front man. He has that unmistakable growl of a voice. Is that really singing, or is he just telling us stories in his own melodic way! I think so. Even now writing this and think about it, makes my pulse start to race. Absolutely no doubt the crowd took in every bit of that performance like we could walk out of there, die, and it was all good and all worth it! It was! 

I have said there is not a bad seat in the house at The Moody Theater, but you know what, I feel bad for any bastard that was not on the floor for this!