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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

What's Her Face - an EP review

Not my normal comfort zone, but I was asked. Even harder is knowing these guys that hand that EP off to you and ask for an honest ya go.

From the opening piano chords of this EP to the surprising crunch of the guitar moments later, I felt it was nothing compared to the voice of the piano playing lead singer, Jeff Norby. 'Naive' is probably the best way to describe your impression of this EP by the first song.

Rolling into the second track it took all of 45 seconds to flash back to a time of musical genius that was the 70's. Unquestionably, the guys that make up The Soap Boxers ( are lost souls from that era whom have found each other here.

The Piano and voice of Jeff are the pure essence of Neil Diamond. With a modern guitar and solid back line, it makes there song 'Maryanne' a comfortable classic. If you're not old enough to remember, you've still experienced this sound in the movies and tv shows around you all your life.

The 3rd track 'Monster' seemed more aggressive with the guitar work, but here again is Jeff's voice and piano work settling you right back into that groove.

Pretty hard to deny the theme of broken hearts, scandolous love, and many women running throughout the EP, but DAMMITT, by the time 'Julie' fired up, I felt like Mary Tyler Moore or Laverne and Shirley were going to bust in the door and start dancing.

Listening to the final track 'Alice' only solidified my belief of these guys being reincarnated musical souls from the 1970's right to our doorstep in 2017!

overall, the chords, mixes, and guitar work make 'What's her face' a memorable EP.

Check them out online and get the EP at a live performance!