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Monday, July 31, 2017

DLC...Hot and Bothered

Down in way south Austin, Texas is a very small and inconspicuous bar, Indian Roller ( Set off of Manchaca Rd and down a little driveway sits this small, unassuming bar. With a fairly decent amount of parking out back, you can enter by the beautiful back yard. A small deck/stage, some varied seating, a patio, and small bar greet you. Entering the bar from the back you pass by the restrooms on your left and a pool table to the back right corner lead you right to the main bar.

With a varied and eclectic amount of seating it is easy to maneuver around in the bar area. Working your way past the bar there is small open area with a stage. Here in this little nook is where the naughtiness happened on this night.

Dead Love Club ( The smoking hot sexiness and excess of the 80's is poured out on display. Dead Love Club is fronted by the vocals of Johnny X and Ferocious E! This band just oozes sex and scandal! With some really fun originals to their smoking hot versions of 80's dance and club greats, The Dead Love Club is not for the young and definitely not for the prude.

Take your girlfriend and hold her...where you please. Take your boyfriend and hold his hands close to your chest... It wont be long before your beating heart and the heavy beats of the music will work up a steamy good time with Dead Love Club!

You can not deny the throwback tunes done right and the sexy hot originals will blow you away. What is more is the performance. The spot on Hot, sexy performance...and it is a performance! The type of show and performance Dead Love Club puts on is worth the money at the door EVERY SINGLE TIME!

UPDATE: A second full performance at my favorite Austin venue, One 2 One ( A club built for performances and sound. Dead Love Club was electric and exciting again. With a wealth of 80's and 90's music to do it's always a new performance. This particular night was different than the previous experience by the jam packed dance floor. What an amazing and fun band.