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Saturday, April 8, 2017

The Rebellion lives

Dozen Street ( is located on...Well...12th St. On the corner of 12th and Chicon in Austin, Texas. As a tourist I don't believe you would wander in here unless it was purposeful.

Dozen Street Bar is located in a row between a couple of other businesses and is a Shotgun style bar. As you walk into the narrow room, heading towards the back, you pass a couple pool tables and the restrooms on the right. The wall on your left is an interesting collection of 12x12 tiles of all different sorts which have to see in person to appreciate it. As you progress farther into the club, the bar is also on your right past the bathrooms and the stage is to your left in the back corner with a seating /lounge area directly in front of it next to the bar. The is also an out door area for smoking or relaxing away from the music of you so choose.

This night's musical selection was a two piece out of New York, SIRSY ( Comprised of Melanie on Drums and vocals, as well as backing herself up on bass and flute... Yes! You read that correctly. The band is rounded out with guitarist Rich Libotti, who does bass as well. They tour constantly and traverse the U.S. like champs.

The first thing I noticed about SIRSY is Melanie's beautiful smile! It is absolutely infectious and fantastic. Smiling and laughing throughout the entire performance. She just makes you happy you are there.

SIRSY's music is pop/rock based. Libboti's grooves and guitar work is uncompromising! Mixing his pedal work with his rhythm and lead solos are solid. The frightening thing is how great Libboti's work is and it takes back seat to Melanie and her performance work. By the way, the title of this blog is a nod to Libboti's guitar itself - go see them perform and you might get the back story! 

Although it was a small intimate crowd, SIRSY'S performance was even more stellar than the first time I saw them on a short set and large crowd. Every single person in the house tonight laughed with the band, cheered, clapped, and danced in their seats or across the small space in front of the stage. Although they did play a cover or two, the crowds enjoyment came directly in response to their amazing originals. It was an exciting performance to behold and for just two people to pour their hearts, souls and sweat out for this crowd like they did, I can't imagine you having a better time than a SIRSY performance!

Oh my God... And that smile!