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Saturday, December 31, 2016

The WHOLE band is here

What I like about checking out the music scene in Austin is not just how plentiful it is, but the successes you see for some artists over time. Those success are not necessarily gold albums and world  tours, but in a smaller scale... The release of a video, a new album, or... In the case of Carter Hilltop Band... the addition of members to complete the project into becoming a full band.

I first saw the Carter Hilltop Band as a trio in Kyle, Texas as the opening act for another up and coming Texas country music act. Carter Hilltop Band was front woman Valerie and her brother on guitar and another guitarist who doubled as the bass player. Move forward more than a year and here I sit at the Rattle Inn.

With guitar, bass, and drums the core has been established. Vocals are spot on. With Valerie singing hi and sweet and her brother mellowing things out, it is a sweet trade off. Although their harmonies were pitched differently, it worked with the music. And the crowd loved it. From just me, myself, and I right before stage time to very full house by song #2, it was pleasant to see the support this young group is receiving so early on.

Where there may have been a song or two that would have worked for dancing, this is just good, sit back and relax music. It was country, but with something a bit deeper to it. My impression. The crowd loved it, every single song. I looked around at one point and saw phones up. The standard for how we judge what is liked in the current Internet, social media feed world. So if this is true, Carter Hilltop Band will do very well.

I must throw one bitch and gripping moan out there, it is the sound man. Good bless the band for kicking ass, cause the sound man was terrible. I think we listened to the stage monitors the whole time. Heads up Rattle Inn,... Vet your sound guy and make sure he gives a crap.