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Saturday, December 17, 2016

fresh refresh

Probably won't be the last post of the year, but pretty damn close.

This will be a review of some sort. I am going to diverge from my normal chatter about how much fun the audience had and how the band interacted with them. I am just gonna touch on two bands that I have reviewed before, but you will just have to read on.

I didn't do a review of The Warhorses ( when the played recently in Austin at The Rattle Inn. Simply put, it was their last performance in Austin with Guitarist Sonny Bihl. Sad day, but spectacular performance. They just let Sonny call out the songs he wanted to do. It was fun and spontaneous. For now that really doesn't matter. In the (near) future I can hope we will get to see them again with a new line up and maybe some new tunes. I will try to keep up with them and let you know when Austin, Texas will get a first look at the new Warhorses. 'Til then here are some photos from that night. I'll post more to FB.

The other band I recently saw which I have previously spoken about at length is the Cody Bryan Band (

It was another fun night with these guys. They were just coming off of a high note playing for a larger size arena with several other acts. This night was just a small intimate crowd. What was exciting and spectacular is hopefully a lesson for all. They changed up their set! It was fantastic and fun. Just like seeing them for the first time. There were many new songs they did. There were a couple of mainstay's they keep for the fun of it, BUT they threw in and mixed it up with many older tracks we hadn't heard in a while. Once again, made to be very proud of the local boys done good!

As a fan of the local music scene and many different bands, it was just a great feeling to have something new and fresh thrown at me (the crowd). I don't know how hard it is to do a different set list regularly, but as a paying (and sometimes not) member of the crowd (and usually a fan of someone I am going out to see)...I DON'T CARE. The best bands in Austin become lame as shit when it is the same damn set list each time you see them.

For the crowd and and fans of the Cody Bryan Band it was inspiring and refreshing to enjoy a performance for what it was...Live Music! I appreciate and loved the performance for what seemed like a whole new band. I hope some of my other friends and members of bands around town might read this and take heed. We, the crowd and audience, will ONLY love you more for it!