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Friday, February 3, 2017

Over the Rainbow

Yes, the title has nothing to do with the fact this is a year end just came to mind while I was writing.

It was another fun year for Live Music In Austin. As I look back I once again surprised myself at what I saw and where I went. Made new friends, listened to new music, and enjoyed some favorites.

I saw 47 bands from January to December. 32 brand new bands I have never seen before! That was a surprise. Of the 15 venues I lurked around, 6 were brand new places to me... Meh! I have worked harder and been to more new places before. But the question remains...How many new places did YOU go to last year where you had never set foot in before, to enjoy some live music?

I only saw two bands multiple times last year.

Apparently the One2One   ( remains at the top of my list as most frequented, with The Rattle Inn ( coming a very close second - and it was new to me!

As I look back, I realize this is the first year where I have not done any photo or review of a national touring act. There were definitely some touring bands I saw, but SXSW always brings new faces.

It was a great year for a variety of music again. From some metal sounds at The Dirty Dog ( of Silvertongue Devil  ( and Fear Control ( to the country sounds of the Zach Willard Band ( at Wagners Backyard   ( and The Cody Bryan Band  ( at The Rattle Inn. There was the Pop/punk music from   Forever Starts Today ( at The Lucky Lounge ( and the scandalous sounds of The Dead Love Club  ( at The Mohawk ( A lot of American type sounds with The Warplanes ( at the One 2 One to wild hip hop of Boombox ATX at the same place.

So to sum it up, I averaged experiencing just a hair over 2 new bands every 3 weeks, 1 new venue every 2 months. I averaged listening to live music every 10 days and I was at a venue supporting the live music scene better than every 2 weeks as well...and you know what, I did pay to see some of these bands. If I got in for free, I spent my money at the bar, bought a CD or a hat. Better than that most of the shows were FREE.


I will tell you this, if you are gonna spend money at the door to see a band, the One2One remains my hands down pick for supporting live and local with the best sound system, and 100% of the door goes to the band(s)!