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Thursday, October 1, 2015

on the Cusp

So as I am temporarily relocated to the quaint little hamlet of Pflugerville, Texas i shall make the best of it. Pflugerville (the p is silent) is on the north side of Austin. So, where as I am not legitimately in the live music capital of the world, I am still surrounded by places to go and bands to see!

I have been to Hanovers ( before and taken you on the descriptive tour, but I will do it again for consistency. Located in what would affectionately be called downtown, Hanover's is just a block off of the main street. With plenty of parking,there is not much fear of having to walk to far and loss your way at 1 a.m. 

As you walk in the front door you see the building is a rectangle shape with yourself entering on the short side of the rectangle. The bar is immediately to your right and runs down the entire length, ending at the doors to go to their massive backyard area. As you stand and continue to survey, the stage is opposite the bar on your left and is of a very modest size. Easily accommodating most bands. From the small 3 piece to the funktified band with a full horn section, rhythm section, and everyone in between. There is a small dance area in front of the stage, seating at some hi top tables and along the bar. 

There is seating immediately to your left as you stand at the door and seating with pool tables farther back, past the stag on the far left back corner. All in all it is a very nice set up and great if you want to get down in front with your favorite local band or something new. 

This particular evening it was something new FOR SURE. 

I caught the last 5 songs from White Label Analog ( Fresh off their new CD release, White Label Analog had the house P A C K E D! It was energetic and sharp. Even walking in on the tail end of their set had me a little sad. I wanted to be out of breath and jumping around like the rest of the crowd. It is know doubt these guys are not only a crowd pleaser, but their polished looks to keep them busy her in the Austin area and have them traveling to farther cities and pass the good jams on. It is never a bad ticket if you get to see this band, doesn't matter who's on the bill....worth it!

Speaking of worth it, thanks to my friend Dave Prewitt! He warned me about the sheer awesomeness of this next band more than a year or two ago. I have followed them on FB and even made plans to go to previous shows. My own lame ass self for not seeing them sooner and experiencing the wonderousness of SCORPIO RISING (!

What the hell was wrong with me and what the hell is wrong with you. Follow the bands link NOW and find out where they are playing next that is near and dear or far and funky, GO!!!!!!!!

Scorpio Rising is fronted by Madame Scorpio...of course! With their worker jumpsuits on, this 3 piece is so beyond comparison of most anything I have seen in Austin yet. Funky, rocking, fun, energetic, and surprising all do little justice to Scorpio Rising with what is their own brand and style of danceable rock! It was like watching a funky ass aerobics video to very, VERY good music. Madame Scorpio is the epitome of a charismatic lead singer and entertainer. It was kind of sexy, but in a naughty, is-she-really-doing-that-oh-my-god-this-is-so-cool kind of way!

I believe the bass players name is "Wonderbread", if I am to believe the back of his jumpsuit. This guy was on the stage all of less than 5 minutes for the entire performance. Moving through the crowd like a hellion robot, moving non stop, and yelling for the crowd to constantly cheer and make more noise. It was IMPOSSIBLE not to smile and scream for more with Madame Scorpio on stage and the Wonderbread peering into the crowd and moving amongst us. Just a fantastic performance.

To top it off, they even called for a dance contest among the patrons for prizes from their merch table. Yes, people danced, people won, and we all yelled for more. Although I have never been a tremendous fan of bands or people playing to looped or pre recorded tracks. Doing it right is way beyond the level of what Scorpio Rising did. It doesn't matter because it was ridiculously thrilling and fun!