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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Crash into this

Spinners is located on the edge of Austin,  your last stop before you leave weird and land at the rock. The bar consists of two sides,  the bar side with an outside deck, and the lounge side - set up for private parties and live music performances.

The bar side does have a small stage as you walk in the door, immediately to your left. It opens into a large room with the bar to your left and the outdoor patio to your right. There are plenty of TVs around for your sports watching pleasure. If you walk all the way through, the bathrooms are to the back.

The 'live' performance this particular evening (and check the schedule because I believe he is here most Saturdays) was DJ Crash. Yes! THAT DJ CRASH of Dirty Wormz fame. It is live for what he does and how he does it. 

Crash has been a fixture and part of Austin music legend for damn straight on 2 decades. It isn't the length of time, but his ability. Not really untouchable, but he commands respect. Being good and in demand is one thing, but to cross music genres as a DJ that does more than rap, hip hop, but also metal.

Tonight he was straight entertainment. Impressive at keeping the beats and the music entertaining for the crowd. Skillful in not taking your conversation away from you and your friends, but bad ass enough every few minutes to make people in the crowd look up. Yes, I heard people say 'DAMN!'
If you have to, or want to hire a DJ, do you want Pandora or someone that can control the crowd. Bring them up, bring them down. If you want your money on a man who can entertain and be invisible, but be the center of attention on demand...DJ CRASH.

Just stop by Spinners, look him up, find him with the Wormz, and feel good.


Written with extreme prejudice and a challenge and a dare. I challenge you to be daring!