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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Day of the Dead 2015

Central Texas Easter Seals Foundation ( is a wonderful organization. Not only are there some great people doing some great things, but those people they support and help are even more wonderful. For the last few years, Central Texas Easter Seals Foundation has had a fundraiser during the spookiest, fun part of the year...Halloween. Celebrating the traditional Mexican holiday of Dia de los Muertos the best way possible, with music and fun here in Austin, Texas.

I have had the pleasure of attending the events each of the previous years since it started and was there again this year with my wife has joining me, and our 9 year old. The celebration is most definitely fun for all. Vendor booths, food, and fun for the kids in the H.E.B. kids zone, this is definitely a celebration of life! But the most fun of the music and dancing, of course!

For me the celebration starts with the Dia de los Muertos parade featuring The Austin Samba School and Las Monas. There are drums, costumes, dancing, and it is just one big Fiesta! Even kids of all ages are invited to join in at one point. This is one of the most exciting things to watch and my wife and I have always looked forward to it.

On to the musical portion. First of the 4 bands on the main stage this evening was Kinski Gallo ( This was a 3 piece that was the perfect warm up for the late afternoon crowd. With the crowd slightly growing, it was evident Kinski Gallo was the right type of energy to have some folks get up, move up, and start to dance.

Next up (and this is what I love about live music in the capital city) was the very popular, and thrilling La Vida Boheme ( My surprise of the festival. I love going into an event and not knowing all the bands. It leaves the biases to go out the window and leaves the door open for new experiences. La Vida Boheme was that.

This quartet out of Venezuela was thrilling to say the least. They left no question about their popularity, not just by the cheering crowd down in front, but the Latin/Pop rhythms that blew me away. It was go, go, go from La Vida Boheme's first song to the end of their set. Everybody was so excited and we could here the crowd chanting 'OTRA!'

Next up, and not surprisingly decked out for the event, was Son De Rey ( Austins own Latin super group. A highly entertaining and charismatic front man leads this band with his moves and his voice. Not to downplay his female counter-part, this duo knows how to entertain. The music is a mix of covers and originals, and none of it disappoints as it all provided the fuel to bring in more of the crowd to the dance floor.

The great thing with Son de Rey, they are based here in Austin, Texas. So, if you live here in town and want a thrilling musical experience with your margaritas at happy hour or later, look them up. If you are from out of town and want that fun Latin vibe you can dance your drinks away to, look them up as well.

Known mostly by his first name, but loved infinitely by the country/Tejano legions of fans in the U.S. and Mexico...Emilio ( was the headlining act for Dia de los Muertos 2015. Oh, and now the crowds came out, moved forward, and there was lots of dancing! Emilio and his band started out just a little tame, with some slower Tejano songs. Then he rolled into his country music, building into his big upbeat Tejano hits. This seems to be what the crowd was dying for all day (get it dying for - Dia de los Muertos)!

Emilio proved to be the king of Tejano this night in Austin. What a great performance from a great entertainer.

Lets see what this next year brings!