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Thursday, October 16, 2014

21 and fun

On a lonely stretch of Hwy 21, South East of Austin stands The Texas Star Saloon ( The club (with its current red, white, and blue paint) has worn several different names over the decades, but now stands as a tribute to the good ol' Texas dance hall. Simple enough as it stands, both outside and in, it simply stands for fun. The first time I set boot in there with my lovely company, it was a smile inducing good time on the dance floor all night.

As you step into the club it opens directly facing the stage. The main bar is to your right and a seating area with a large TV to your left. The club does not sell liquor so bring your bottle and buy the set ups. As you move towards the stage it opens up to the left with several pool tables and another bar. There are tables and seating all around the dance floor. Don't quote me on this set up as the owners are currently doing some renovations, remodeling, and promise to really move things around.

There is a DJ spinning Tejano, Country, and some up tempo pop when there isn't a band. The first time I went we cut the rug all night and turned the dance floor so many times I am dizzy thinking about it. With my beautiful date laughing and smiling the whole time, that was proof enough for me Texas Star Saloon is worth the short drive.

One of those bands that has played at the Texas Star Saloon was Grammy Award winner Ruben Ramos ( Known also as El Gato Negro, Ruben is definitely a cool cat. I had the opportunity to meet him and speak with him for a few minutes (audio interview to be posted), but the music and performance is what it's about.

Ruben Ramos' Mexican Revolution was an astounding band. They opened the show for the night with a rip roaring Blues number that brought Ruben on stage. Ruben took center stage and classed up the place with his gold microphone and slick suit. Just amazing to hear how he did it and the crowd completely agreed.

The floor was packed with the crowd, dancing and turning, all night long. The music made you want to grab a beer and a partner. Proving both the Mexican Revolution and himself are Grammy Award winners for a reason, Ruben Ramos ruled this small stage with his powerful voice and amazing smile. Like a true band leader, Ruben mixed up the songs, kept the tempo lovely, and the crowd happy ALL night long.

If you EVER get the chance to check out this Grammy winning, son of Austin, don't make the mistake and miss Ruben Ramos and the Mexican Revolution just for the pride and joy of saying you have seen him and you were there!